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The Quartering Act

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of The Quartering Act

How would the British Soldiers treat the hosts?
Here is an image.
What was the Quartering Act?
The Quartering Act was when the British soldiers lived in the thirteen colonies and needed a place stay. So, they either lived in colonial houses or shops. The colonists had no power over King George III so they were forced to let the British soldiers live in their houses.
Why did Parliament pass over the Quartering Act?
Parliament passed over the Quartering Act to address his concerns about his army, the army was so big that they couldn't all just live in one house, they had to share a house with a colonist that way they could "protect" the colonists and stay in the colonies. The colonists didn't want the soldiers
to live in the colonial homes.
When did the Quartering Act take place?
The Quartering Act took place during the Revolutionary War on March 24, in the year of 1765.
Which colonies did the Quarterng Act take place in?
The Quartering Act took place in all the colonies, but, it was more commonly known in the New England colonies.
The Quartering Act
The Soldiers made the colonists sleep on the floor and make them clean the house or shop.
By: Liv & Jnana
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