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katy perry

No description

Arjun Rooprai

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of katy perry

Katy perry has been in three movies which is part of me,the smurfs, and
the smurfs 2.Part of me is a documenty she did on herself.Most of the
movie was about her california dreams tour.

Video Games
Katy Perry

Music Videos
I wonder what she has


Contact me for more
Arjun Rooprai
Katy has completed 2 tours and is doing one right now.She has also been the
opening act for other singers tour.Her first tour was called the hello katy tour.The
songs she performed were from her one of the boys album and song covers like
i kissed a girl,waking up in vegas,hot and cold and many more songs.Her second
tour was called california dreams tour.The songs she performed were from both
albums one of the boys and teenage dream like firework,wide awake,e.t,part of me
and more.She is doing a tour right now called the prismatic tour.The songs she
performed were from her albums prism,teenage dream and one of the boys like
roar,dark horse,this is how we do,unconditionally,birthday and more.She was the opening
act for the stangely normal tour sing 1-2 songs from her 2001 album.
Then in 2008 she was the opening act for the warped
tour singings 1-2 songs from her one of the boys album.

Game studios have put katy perry songs in there games or even a whole video game about her.Her
songs have been in just dance,dance central,the sims katy perry edition.Ubisoft has put at least one
katy perry song in there just dance games.In just dance 1 there was hot and cold,2 fireworks,3
teenage dream,e.t,and california girls,4 part of me,5 i kissed a girl,roar and waking up in vegas,6
birthday and dark horse.All together it is 11 songs.Moving along another dance game called dance
central has included songs by katy perry like firework which was the only song.
Katy Perry has written a number of songs in the past years.She has written hits
like fireworks,teenage dream,dark horse,birthday,this is how we do,California girls
and more.She has also written songs for other singers.She wrote the song
black widow which was later produced by Iggy Azalea.She had even wrote a song for Selena
Gomez called rock god for Selena's second album titled a year without rain.Another song
called that's more like it was written by katy perry but later passed on to selena gomez.Kelly clackson
has two songs that were written by katy called i do not hook up and long shot.Katy has written the song passenger for britney spears.Katy also wrote a song for miley cyrus called breakout.Katy has written for so many stars and this is not even it.Katy has 5 awsome albums called katy hudson,one of the boys,MTV unplugged,teenage dream and prism.Katy Hudson was her first album in 2001.This
album did not really futher katy's career.Her secend album one of the boys was released
in 2008. This album was her debuat album which futhered her career.this album had
hit singles like hot and cold,i kissed a girl,waking up in vegas and more.Her 2009
album Mtv unplugged was live album wit hit singles like
i kissed a girl,lost,brick by brick,thinking of you and more.
Her 2010 album teenage dream was a big hit,sold more
than 10 millon copies with hits like e.t,teenage dream,
peacock,wide awake,firework,california girls,last
friday night t.g.i.f and more.Her fifth album prism
was her latest album with hits like roar,dark horse
unconditnally,this is how we do and much more.

Katy has been
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