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No description

Samantha Barnes

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Achluphobia

Phobia Family
Achluphobia is a fear of being in the dark.

Achlu- Dark
Phobia- Fear
Hemophobia is the fear of blood.

Hemo- Blood
Phobia- A fear
I went to my friends house expecting a fun night playing hide n’ go seek in the dark, and play ghost in the graveyard, and tell scary stories. Excitedly I grabbed some clothes and put them in a bag to go, after 10 minutes pass I run out the door to the car and leave. We arrived at 9:00pm I offered to play hide n’ go seek in the dark she politely declined then I asked if she wanted to play ghost in the graveyard she declined again I said then what do you want to do she said why don't we watch TV. We watched TV for about an hour then I said I'm bored she said “I have to tell you something” I said “what?” she stuttered “i’m i’m i'm afraid of the dark.” I said “it will be fine go outside” “I will try it” she replied. We walked farther and farther as the house was slowly disappearing behind us “OW” she shouted I looked down and her foot was bleeding I blacked out for a couple seconds because I have hemophobia as I look up she was crying saying this is why I never go in the dark. We got back inside and took her to the hospital she got stitches in her foot and still never wanted to go out side again

My Story
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