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No description

Mia M

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Avalanche

One thing to start an avalanche is the weather, if there was a heavy snow storm before an avalanche then there should be a lot of snow then the snow might all fall down and start an avalanche.
Popular Locations
Most Avalanche's start in high snowy places. Like Colorado. Some avalanches hit the Himalayas because its snowy there. But anywhere with high snowy places can get hit.
Environmental Impact
Avalanches affect people and the environment by causing power and water supplies to get cut off.When an Avalanche starts it will damage or destroy anything in its way.
Health Hazards
Some health diseases that you can get from an Avalanche are
A Cold
The Flu
Hypothermia or
Frost Bite
By: Mia
Economic Impact
An Avalanche can make people that own stores, resorts and businesses to shut down. Another impact an avalanche can do is destroy buildings and cut water and power supplies.
Most Significant Avalanche
The most recent avalanche was in Colorado in April 21 2013.The Biggest Avalanche was in Peru 1970. It was going at the speed of 100 mph and the Estimates guess that the avalanche killed more than 20k (20,000). This Avalanche Started by an Earth Quake and started on the mountain called Mt. Huascaran.
Current Technology
One thing we can do to help predict an avalanche is to dig a hole and find out how deep the snow is because if the snow is really deep the avalanche might occur soon and if there isn't a lot of snow then you have time to prepare for an avalanche.
Humanitarian Services
One humanitarian service we have is to buy an Avalanche Beacon. An Avalanche Beacon is like a small radio. The Beacon tells rescue crews where your location is and then they can save you if they can get to you on time.
There is a story about a 29 year old person surviving an Avalanche when he was trying to snowboard. It was a regular day and it snowed a lot the past couple days. Then out of no where an Avalanche started and he had to get out of the way of the avalanche before he would become the avalanche's victim. But luckly he got out of the way and survived.
Kinds Of Avalanche
There are 4 kinds of Avalanches, Snow, Rock, Ice and Debris. The one that occurs the most is a snow Avalanche.
This is an Avalanche photo taken in Peru.
This photo of an Avalanche was taken in Colorado.
This is an avalanche taken in Netherland.
Some avalanches start by people that skis and snowboards. Avalanches can also start by its self. You can also spit. If you spit then the spit might melt the snow a bit so you can breathe then you can keep spitting and make a bigger hole and then you can dig yourself out and stay alive if your not to cold. The snow melts because when you spit the spit is warm and it will melt the snow.
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