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TEC in the future

No description

Josh cohu

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of TEC in the future

Technology of the future How technology changes Entertainment of the future In the future there will be
devices like virtual reality games and holographic TV's on your wrist or even TV in
your contact lenses. Entertainment of the future Mind control could also be part
of future gaming where you will be
able to control the game with your
mind . http://www.uah.edu/news/items/8-people/4292-mind-control-will-shape-future-of-gaming-and-cell-phones-uauntsville-professor To find out more about mind
control gaming go to this
website THE PS4 for the ps4 countdown go to: http://www.ps4playstation4.com/ps4-release-date-countdown-begins The PS4 will have amazing graphics
and will have an advanced game play
experience it will also come with a touch
screen console. xbox 720 http://www.newxbox720.com/xbox-720-release-date xbox 720 countdown The XBOX 720 will have lots of new features like touch screen and voice control and a lot better graphics Wii 2 The WII 2 will cost around
300 pounds and will have
voice control and a new
touch screen pad on the console. Entertainment of the future ! Entertainment of the future! By Josh Cohu Home of the future in the homes of the future there will be things like heat coiled work surfises and fridges that tell you is them also applinces that will do what what you tell them to do!
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