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Record labels and institutions

No description

mollie butlin

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Record labels and institutions

Record labels and institutions
The big 4
In 2012, Universal took over EMI to make the big 3 however. They can make up as much as 75% of the music market. Artists are either signed to the central label or signed to a subsidiary of the label.
Subsidiary labels have their staff and usually sign their own artists and make most of their own financial decisions, but still answerable
Artists similar to mine
Sky Ferreira: Capitol Music, Universal
Lucy Rose: Columbia, Sony Music
Florence and The Machine: Island Records
Haim: Polydor Records
Daughter: Glassnote Records
Capitol Records
is a major American record label that is part of the Capitol Music Group and is a wholly owned division of Universal Music Group. Was founded April 9, 1942.
The label has released records in many musical genres.
The label has recorded and released material by artists such as The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Katy Perry.
Island Records
Island records operates as a division of Universal Music Group.
I It was founded by Chris Blackwell in Jamaica. It was formerly based in the United Kingdom for many years until 1998. Blackwell sold the label to PolyGram in 1989.
The label operates as one of Universal Music's standalone labels since 2014, also handling Mercury Records.
As of February 2014, three Island label brands exist in the world: Island UK, Island US, and Island Australia. Partially due to the label's significant legacy, Island remains one of UMG's pre-eminent record labels
Polydor Records

Polydor Records is a British record label that is under Universal Music Group. It currently operates as a front-line label under the Interscope Geffen A&M label, which distributes Polydor's releases in the United States In turn, Polydor distributes Interscope releases in the United Kingdom.
Other artists signed include Ellie Goudling, The 1975 and Lana Del Rey.
After looking at artists similar to mine that inspire, I looked into which record labels they were signed to. I have looked at these artists because they are not all mainstream artists, so this means they may be signed to small or independent record labels instead of main labels, which may be something to think about for my artist. These are the artists I previously looked at and the record label they are signed to. I will look into all these records labels to decide which is the one best for my artist.
All of these record labels are either small independent ones or a division of a major record label. This to me shows that these are the sort of labels I should be looking into signing my artist to. I feel that a smaller label would suit my artist better and I will begin to look at what other artists are signed to it so see if it is the best match for my own.
Universal Records
Universal records is the largest music corporation in the world.
An American based multinational music corporation with their global corporate headquarters in Santa Monica, California.
Bought EMI records in September 2012.
Has many divisions of the corporation: Interscope, Geffen, A&M, Capitol, Virgin Classics, Motown, Blue Note and Island records for example.
Glassnote Records
Glassnote Records is a record label that was launched by American music executive, Daniel Glass, in 2007. The label primarily has a lineup of indie rock and alternative rock artists. The label's music is distributed by Universal Music Group.
Not many artists are signed to glassnote records, but the artists signed are more individual than mainstream. Examples include Chvrches, Little Green Cars and The Temper Trap.
My decision
As a group, we have decided to sign our artist to Polydor records, as part of the universal music group. We decided to sign our artist to Polydor as they release a wide range of music and it suits the popularity level of our artist as we are keeping a close comparison to Lana Del Rey for inspiration. Also because Universal records is the biggest music corporation in the world and we consider this a favorable factor and even though it is a division of universal, people may not realise this and it will seem like a more individual artist.
Sony Music
An American music corporation owned and operated by Sony Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation.
Epic, RCA, Columbia, Roc Nation, DefStar records and many more are all part of the Sony group.
Some label divisions have moved to Universal now though, like DefJam recordings
Independent Labels
Labels operating outside the major record labels are called independent labels. This is where most new artists start their careers.
Some examples of independent labels are: Rough Trade, Truck Records, XL Recordings and Young Turks.
An example of how people start from independent labels is The XX, who started out signed to Young Turks and Vampire Weekend who are signed to XL recordings.
These labels often offer an artist more freedom than major labels, which are more concerned with the packaging and marketing of artists for financial returns.

How much power these labels have
Labels that were originally independent are often bought up by major record labels in an attempt to boost profits, ultimately giving them more and more power.
However, the power of major labels is decreasing with web 2.0 and the internet, which enables artists to post music to their own fans via websites such as YouTube. YouTube has various channels specifically for artists and genres of music.
But it is still the record labels getting the biggest cut of record sales.

Warner Music
An American major global record company headquartered in New York City. The largest American-owned music corporation worldwide.
The company operates some of the largest and most successful recording labels in the world, including its flagship labels Warner Bros. Records, Parlophone Records and Atlantic Records. WMG also owns Warner/Chappell Music,
Columbia Records is an American flagship recording label, under the ownership of Sony Music Entertainment, operating under the Columbia Music Group. It was founded in 1888, evolving from an earlier enterprise, the American Graphophone Company—successor to the Volta Graphophone Company. Columbia is the oldest brand name in recorded sound, being the first record company to produce recorded records as opposed to blank cylinders.
It is one of Sony Music's three flagship record labels
As of October 2012, there are currently 85 recording artists signed to Columbia Records
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