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Ancient Greek Culture Project

Pd.5 Mrs.Ragusa

Eric Choi

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Culture Project

Ancient Greece Eric Choi and Jonathan Sabatini PARTHENON Greek Religion .They were polytheistic. (Belief in many gods)
.Each city had an Agora and an Acropolis
. The Greek temples were only meant to be viewed from the outside because the Greeks thought it was more better from the outside.
.The building in the inside was not straight. It was meant to look better from the outside instead of the inside.
.Oracles were women who received messages from gods and the women would send it to the ones who need advice.
.Religious festivals happen once a year. .The Greeks secured themselves with a strong army and navy. Greek Olympics .The first Olympic games started in 776B.C
.They were first at the city state of Olympia.
.Every four years the Olympic games are held.
.Because the games were holy for Zeus.
. All wealthy Greek men who were free came to compete in Greece.
.The winners would go to the temple of Zeus and receive an olive wreath a lifetime food supply or fame.
.The games lasted for 393 B.C. .An epic is a long story that has a hero or heroes in it.
.Homer was a poet, and was born in Ionia.
.Aesop was another writer who was famous for his fables.
.The two types of Greek drama were comedy and tragedy.
.It was performed at the theater. Greek Literature Greek Art and Architecture .Columns:
.Doric Style is a plain style.
.Ionic Style is famous for it's scrolls.
.Corinthian Style is fancy. .Statues were usually made of Bronze and Marble. .Greek sculptors wanted to inspire beauty, harmony, balance in society. .Greeks usually painted on pots and used these colors, black, white, yellowish green, purplish-red. Greek drama and theater .Theater is a culture which is like Greek literature and performs these two styles, comedy and tragedy.
.The Greeks performed were music and dance.
. Men played all parts and women were not able to play
Homer and the Iliad were very famous to all Greeks Greek Philosophy .Philosophers believed that all relationships could be expressed in numbers.
.Famous Philosophers were Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.
.They all believed in something different.
.Plato was special because he created a school.
.Aristotle was special because of his beliefs.
. Socrates was famous for his beliefs also. .447B.C.- 432B.C
.Pericles decided to build the Parthenon
.Made from Marble
.Made from Athenian professionals
.Had 4 parts of the building: Entablature, Frieze, Triglyph, and the Metope.
.Inside the temple, there was a statue of Athena.
.The most damage was done to the Parthenon was in 1687.
In 1687, the Turks gunpowder exploded and today the Parthenon is still in ruins. Thank you for watching Bye
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