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Back-to-School Night

prezi for BTSN

Dwight Young

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Back-to-School Night

We will use two folders this year in our classroom, and I need the students to maintain them:
Vocabulary/personal dictionary folder
Writing folder
Folders should be the two-pocket kind with 3 prongs in the middle

What your student needs to have each day

I have given the students materials to start the year
When they are used up, the student will be responsible for replacing:
Dry-erase markers, and a sock or rag for erasing
Colored pencils will be used extensively in writing. The school cannot afford them for all students.

What your student needs to have each day

Houghton-Mifflin Reading
Macmillan-McGraw Hill Mathematics*
Pearson-Scott Foresman Social Studies for California
Pearson-Scott Foresman California Science

Materials we use

Discipline is recorded daily in the gradebook.
All students start at 70% (S)
Each point + or – in Class Dojo is worth 5% in the gradebook
Students need to maintain at least a 70% (S) average to be eligible to go on field trips


This is my discipline plan...
Each student has an account, with his or her own avatar
Parents can access their child’s account to track behavior
Students can access their account as well, to check on progress, edit their avatar


8 years
1st grade
1 year
2nd grade
2 years
3rd grade
5 years
5th grade
1 year
6th grade
3 years

Grade Levels I’ve taught

John and Jacquelyn Miller Elementary School
Mr. Young
Room 202

Back-to-School Night

Together, we can make third grade successful for your child!

Thank you for your help!

Miller website: http://mi.lancsd.org/pages/JohnandJacquelynMillerES

To ask me a question, or set up a meeting, call the school at (661) 726-1826 or email me at youngd@lancsd.org

Communicating with Mr. Young

We welcome your generous donations!
Things we especially need:
Paper: 3 reams per student of copier/printer paper, 3 reams per student of lined notebook paper
Pencils: 72 per student. You’d be surprised how quickly we go through them
Facial tissue

Times are tight in the California classrooms

Homework is practice work to be completed at home to complement what has been taught at school
All assignments feature material previously taught in class


Third Grade teacher, Lancaster School District
17th year teaching for LSD
Taught for 3 years in Lake Hughes
Substitute taught for 2 years in Keppel
Other teaching: swimming instructor since 1987, college-level art instructor’s aide 1987-1989, illustrator trainer from 1990-1991

Mr. Young

*3rd grade is piloting the two math programs which are candidates for adoption by the district next year.
McGraw-Hill My Math
Harcourt Houghton-Mifflin Go Math
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