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Red Pandas

My Presentation for Red Pandas

Isaac A

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Red Pandas

Red Pandas
News Article
There about 10,000 left in the wild, they are dropping very low. It's one of the most loved and adorable animals, we don't want it to be extinct.
What Is The Issue
The issue is, we are chopping down wood where the red panda lives. The red pandas decreased lots over the years

Is The Problem Getting Worse
Humans are affecting the red pandas because they are chopping down the wood where they live and the problem is getting worse
What Is Being Done
WWF is letting people "Adopt a red panda." Which is you can buy a plush, photo, adoption certification,species card and shopping bags which that money will go to help the red pandas. In China they are trying to breed them more.
What Does The verse Mean
Genesis 1: 26-28
It's saying we need to take care of Gods creations like how God is ruling over us. As we should do to Gods creation
What Can Us As Christians Do
We Don't have to do anything huge but, we can start off small maybe fundraisers, donations and educate others
Where I fit in this issue?
What Am I surprised about?

I realize how much more wood I wan

t, and that's were animals live that I may be ruining habitats. I'm surprised about how many animals are getting extinct, and how much Red Pandas are left! I think we are called to do less damage to the earth.



Random video of a Red Panda
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