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Colorado State University-Pueblo

No description

Rodriguez Armida

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Colorado State University-Pueblo

33 things to do before you graduate
Tundra the wolf
The ski resorts surrounding the campus
Colorado State University-Pueblo
School Spirit
For homecoming the school has a dress up week, where the students dress up in different themes everyday
Tundra, our wolf mascot is at every football game, and just sits there and howls.
We are officially the Thunderwolves.
Colors are red and white.
Business School
The Hasan school of business is AACSB international accredited, which means it's in the top 10% business education in the country and top 15% in the world.
AACSB stands for Advancing Quality Management Education Worldwide
Here's a map.
Top 10
1. Small school
2. Rather cheap
3. Has an accredited business school
4. College town
5. Diversity in students
6. Small classes, about 30-70 students in classes
7. Is not ridiculously far from home.
8. Get to pick roommates
9. Extremely safe campus
10. It has many help centers if a student needs help in anything academic.
CSU- Pueblo
Located in Pueblo, Colorado
It's a college town
It's a rather small college, so about 5,000- students give or take
It's super diverse
Built in 1933, so it's a fairly new college
Secure by the Pueblo Police department they stay on campus and circle the premises. There's security poles on campus that you can call the police on if you need a ride to your car or just feel uncomfortable walking to your dorm by yourself. The police will escort you and give you a ride if needed.
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