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Building a Growth Mindset School Culture

No description

Jaime S.

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Building a Growth Mindset School Culture

Growth Mindset School Culture
Professional Development
1) Self reflect and preassess school staff P. 15
- secretaries
- building service workers
- teachers
- administration
- counselors

2) Have series of workshops to educate about the malleability of the brain and praise for students
- Be sensitive
- Explain new scientific research on neuroplasticity
- Do not let them feel guilty, encourage them to look forward
- Give real life examples
- MindUp: Optimism and empathy can be developed as well
- Praise effort instead instead of outcome

Teach Students About the Brain
Educate Parents
Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Workshops
Promoting growth mindset
Encourage parents not to look "at their children through a lens of perceived intelligence"
Have parents reflect: Example from the book p.23
Final Step
Monitor, evaluate, and review school protocols

"Look-Fors" : Student/Teacher, Student/Student, and Teacher/Parent Behavior

Think about student placement and tracking

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
-Stay up to date with neuroscience in education and growth mindset
- Book Clubs
How can we Accomplish this?
Letters to and from the School
Letter #1: Look for signs of growth and/or fixed mindset. P. 25

Think if you were one of the parents who sent this letter. Give examples of responses that you would expect and/or want to receive from the department chair.

Letter #2 What is the mindset of the school? P.26

How do you feel about this response?

What do you think happened to Emma?
Beliefs and Values of the School

Intellectual Growth
Safe learning environments
Creative teaching strategies
How? What if I do not teach science?

Over time and consistently
Explain "that intelligence is constantly changing based on effort, persistence, and motivation"
Intelligence "grows as you use it and languishes if you don't"
Intelligence is not a fixed #, neither is "a grade on a paper, or a report card"
Maintain the Growth Mindset School Culture
Get new faculty on board
Staff meeting (15mins) Discuss Areas of Strength and Improvement

Implement in content instruction P. 142
- Look at curriculum for "opportunities to nurture persistence, effort, intellectual risk taking and perseverance"

Create differentiated and responsive classroom culture P. 143
High expectations for Students
Praise effort
Fear-free zone
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