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Choose your adventure at Uber

No description

Linda Aiello

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Choose your adventure at Uber

Map your career at Uber
First Stop
Spend time in the business to understand roles and objectives
Evaluate current competencies/capabilities model
Prepare needs/gap analysis
Understand Business and Consumer
What to tackle first
Initial programs and initiatives to be rolled out first to have maximum impact on largest population

Influencing Skills
Increases self-awareness related to soft skills and improves individuals' ability to work within teams (particularly relevant to Millennial population)
Integrate as a module in Uberversity for inductions going forward
Existing team?
Roll out via live webinars or in live groups by L&D team
What does it look like?
Pre-work (15 min) and assessment completed from this
1 hour live session with feedback and discussion on what each style means and how to leverage
Post seminar challenge to leverage underused styles as observed
Follow up session 90 days later to discuss outcome/progress
Negotiation Skills
Applicable Across most functions/roles
Develops ability to build strategy, manage conflict and create process
Impact realized on business results and interpersonal skills
6-12 months after start date
Catch up with existing teams
Who will facilitate?
Partner with outside vendor (Scottworks)
Offered globally
Available in local language
What does it look like?
3 day classroom training
Combination of lecture and "case play"
Skills building sessions and evaluations
How to conquer the world?
Corporate Differentiators
To define the Uberisms -- what sets us apart from other businesses -- to define our DNA and drive engagement
Defined part of induction
Additional module to be taken within 60 days from induction
Delivered as an online module
Live delivery once a month via web; recordings available for time zone challenges
What does it look like?
Video messages from leadership
Content updated regularly to ensure up to date strategy and initiatives
CSR strategy animated
Personal success and career development stories shared
Client stories shared
Consumer Insights
To build team members' capabilities in using data and metrics to understand consumer behaviour, and how to use this to drive their initiatives
3-9 months after start date
Catch up existing employees
Utilize existing content in high level e-learning partner such as e-Cornell, Coursera, etc
Follow up with webinar sessions (in person in large markets) with internal experts
What does it look like?
Multi-module course with defined start and end date taken at learner's pace
Recorded lectures
Online commentary/posting answering questions raised by facilitator (interaction with other learners)
Short project connected to actual role
To instill a culture of coaching and feedback to drive performance both quantitatively and qualitatively
To empower managers to develop their teams
2 Levels
Level 1 (focused on feedback relating to bi-annual reviews) for all managers of people within 6 months of taking said role
Level 2 - more than 1 year in managerial role
Level 1 delivered live by HR or via manager/facilitators (TTT)
Level 2 built out and delivered via external partner (e.g. Bluebrick)
What does it look like?
Level 1 -- 1 day classroom session with role play, group exercises and feedback
Level 2 -- Multi-day classroom course followed by practical hours in months following
Nut and Bolts
Who's Driving?
Top Traits in L&D Talent

Insatiable Curiosity

Business Acumen

Strong Relationship Builder
Tech savvy

Excellent Project Management Skills

Strong Influencer

High level of Trust/Integrity

Strong Ability to Give (and Take) Feedback
Who Is This Person?

And most of all . . .
Someone who is ready to drive people on the ride of their life.
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