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Heroes of natural disasters

No description

Alice Bullard

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Heroes of natural disasters

My heroes of history
My first charity is The British Red Cross.
Providing countries among the poorest on earth with vital medical care...
My third charity is the international rescue committee
The International Rescue Committee responds to the worst disasters and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives.
This is my presentation about who I think the top three heroes of natural disasters are. As many disaster relief charities are similar with the work they do, I tried to pick a range of charities.
The British Red Cross is a charity that provides disaster relief for people all over the world. Mostly assisting in natural disaster situations, their work is dangerous, inspiring but lifesaving.
"Their work is dangerous..."
"relief for people all over the world"
Their work...
Last October a cyclone teared accross India...
The cyclone affected over 13 million people
But The British Red Cross reacted instantly!
They supplied hundreds of shelters
7,000 blankets
6,000 mosquito nets
And 17,000 tarpaulins!
My next charity is Merlin
When disaster strikes, Merlin's trained doctors and nurses work around the clock to save lives. They treat over 6 million different people from all over the world each year, so I'm not surprised its the uk's leading health charity!
"They treat over 6 million different people..."
"...Uk's leading health charity!"
Every miniute thirteen people are treated by a merlin health worker
working in over 40 different countries...
They restore saftey and hope to millions of people whose homes and lives have been destroyed by natural disaster.
The British Red cross provides the affected with the necessities, this means that their lives can return to normal as quickly as possible.
The British Red Cross not only provides relief for when people need it, they educate locals on perhaps how to prevent disaster or what to do if it happens again.
The british Red Cross sets up permanent disaster relief. Like building storm shelters or rebuilding damaged facilities like schools, water pumps or health centres. This means that affected areas are returned to normal quickly and no extra time or money is wasted on unnecessary resources.
Not only does the Red Cross help out internationally, theyprovided the thousands of families in Britain that were affected by flooding with supplies. This shows that this UK based charity still cares for its own country as much as other countries.
Merlin isn't the usual search and rescue relief charity, it is a health charity that provides natural disaster areas with temporary vital health care, such as vaccines. This makes a big difference because especially after disasters, need for health care is at its peak. Merlin saves many peoples' lives.
Like The British Red Cross, Merlin also build health centres or other needed medical resources. They also give talks about how to keep healthy if a disaster strikes again, talks on first aid and how to save lives. this would educate and prepare people for the chance of it happening again.
Merlin focuses on the most vulnerable groups of people; pregnant women, children and the elderly. They quickly supply them with nutrition and even surgical support if necessary. I think this is good because it means they have priorities and if they get their priorities sorted then everything else is not so much of an emergency.
Merlin sets up an information service in the villages they work in. this means that people who seek medical advice have access to it immediately. These services also hold feedback meeting; so the service just keeps getting better and better!
The IRC allow people who are vulnerable after natural disasters to get back on their feet. This means that the people who need help most will have their lives put back on track.
After the earthquake in Haiti, the IRC was one of the first charities to assist the exposed men women and children. This shows that the IRC is a very alert charity; its not afraid to be the first to help out.
The IRC has an immediate emergency response unit who are trained coordinators, doctors and sanitation experts. Like the previous point it shows that this charity is not willing to sit back and watch disasters unfold.
After a natural disaster, the whole village city or country could be a bit shaken. IRC has special programs that focus on children in order to provide them with food health care or just a bit of love.
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