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Failure Assembly

No description

Chris Hildrew

on 18 February 2018

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Transcript of Failure Assembly

Who is this famous failure?
You have to do something about it.
Fired from a newspaper for “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas.”
By Michael Jordan
The proof...Jordan's last game.
NBA Final. One point down. Seconds to go.
All these failures turned into successes. How?
so what does this mean?
Fired at age 30 from the company he started and left unemployed and depressed.
Rejected by Decca Recording Studios who said: “we don’t like their sound…they have no future in show business.”
Went on to co-found Pixar and co-produce Toy Story, the first computer-animated feature film.
Was re-hired as head of Apple where he launched the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Steve Jobs
Winner of 22 Academy Awards.
3 times FIFA World Player of the Year.
15 number one albums, 21.9 million UK singles sales, 7 Grammys, 15 Ivor Novello Awards, 4 Multi-Platinum albums, 4 Platinum albums, 8 Gold albums
Martin Kelsey and Pete Docter
Whatever you like doing, do it! And keep doing it. Work hard! In the end, passion and hard work beats out natural talent.
Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.
Morehei Ueshiba
Pixar is worth $7 billion dollars.
Apple is worth $340 billion dollars - more than the top 32 european banks put together.
Cut from his football team aged 11 after being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency which made him smaller than most kids his age.
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