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Great British cuisine

No description

paul monaghan

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Great British cuisine

Great British cuisine
Climate and geography
The British Empire
The industrial revolution
WW1 & WW2
varied landscape - mountains, moorland, pastures and fertile soil
surrounded by the sea - lots of fish
cool, wet climate - suited to growing vegetables such as potatoes and carrots
lack of sunshine to ripen certain crops
Cuisine shaped by thousands of years of history
Invaded by Saxons, Normans, Celts, Geals, Romans...
Explored, conquered and settled colonies around the world
Poor reputation
Bland, stodgy, heavy, thick sauces, lack of colour and flavour
Modern British
Popular media
Health issues
North America, Africa, India, Asia and Australia
influences from around the world
exotic ingredients and spices
population moved from farming to live in towns and cities
lost touch with the land
poor housing and little money
poor standard of food
less men to grow crops
fewer food imports
rationing of foods
`make do and mend`
`Dig for Victory`
Ministry of Food
Can you think of some examples of British dishes?
Some truly Great British classics
Shepherds pie
Jellied eels
Steak and kidney pudding
Fish, chips and mushy peas
Spotted Dick
Roly Poly pudding
Black pudding
Boiled beef

1960`s and 70`s
1980`s and 90`s
2000 and the new millennium
Present day
Classic french influence
Food as fashion
Small portions - large prices
Highly technical dishes
foreign travel becoming more common
influence of immigration from abroad
opening of Italian, French, Spanish restaurants as well as Chinese and Indian
First MacDonalds opens
return to traditional dishes with an imaginative twist
new interpretations and deconstruction
introduction of unusual combinations or ingredients
fusion of traditional dishes with other cultures
excellent ingredients
organic farming
food miles
local provenance
simple dishes cooked well
relaxed dining
Celebrity chefs
Cooking shows highest rated TV shows
Food bloggers
Cooking as a hobby
British food is `cool`
Anyone can do it
concerns over high fat, salt and sugar in diets
highest level of obesity in Europe
Govt healthy eating initiatives
fears over food additives and labeling
poor level of nutritional education
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