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Dil Wickremasinghe - Media Portfolio

Social Justice, Mental Health Broadcaster and Journalist with Newstalk 106 108 www.dilw.ie

Dil Wickremasinghe

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Dil Wickremasinghe - Media Portfolio

Broadcaster & Journalist
Stand Up Comedian
Since 2011 Dil has performed in:
The International, Anseo, The Bankers, The Patriot and The Laughter Lounge.
Dil Wickremasinghe
After a successful run in
The Smock Alley Theatre
and a
sell out
show in the
Mill Theatre
, Box of Frogs with Mary McEvoy, Dil Wickremasinghe and John Moynes is going on a
nationwide tour
in May-June 2013 sponsored by See Change.
Tune in
Saturday 7-9pm
From being the story...
to telling the story!
Broadcaster & Journalist
Radio Documentary Maker
Motivational Speaker
Stand Up Comedian
The Midday Show, The Morning Show &
Tonight on Vincent Browne TV3
Morning Edition, Beyond Belief RTE
Bringing you the latest
Social justice & Mental Health stories
Inspiring listeners
to be part of the change!
"It's Radio - Activism!"
Dil created and successfully ran
Ireland's First Alcohol Free Comedy
Club from Sept 2011-Sept 2012
Dil appeared in a 4 part documentary
"Journey of a Joke"
A happy play
about being sad!
"Global Village"
“As host of Newstalk’s groundbreaking show Global Village, Dil Wickremasinghe fearlessly tackles a variety of thorny topics.”

Sunday Independent
TV Contributor
Dil was born in
to Sri Lankan parents and spent her teenage years in

At age of
she became
when her parents threw her out of the family home for being a
Since Dil moved to Ireland she has volunteered as she found it a great way to
meet new people
understand Irish culture
and most importantly
give back
to the country that opened its doors to her!
Voluntary work
Former Board Member
Dil's story...
President Michael D. Higgins & Sabina Higgins with Dil in Aras an Uachtarain
8th March 2013
Dil set out to build her life and stumbled across her
dream job - media!

She was barely
when she started working as a
but was advised to hide her sexuality. Not wanting to compromise her true identity, at
Dil abandoned her media dream and took a job as a
flight attendant
based in
Dil came to Ireland 13 years ago, started as a
kitchen porter
and after working as a
senior recruitment consultant
and setting up her own
training company
she reclaimed her dream job -
Broadcaster and Journalist!

Dil is now an Irish citizen and is proud to call Ireland her home!
President Mary McAleese, Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, Tendai Madondo
3rd November 2010
Dil just turned 40 and she feels she is just getting started as her ultimate aim is to host a TV show featuring her passions –

Social Justice, Mental Health and Stand Up Comedy!
www.dilw.ie @dilw dil@dilw.ie
Thanks for watching and please get in touch!
Radio Documentary Maker
Established in 2006 to provide a range of training and consulting services to assist the Irish workplace to accommodate diversity.

The programmes we deliver are:

Diversity & Equality Awareness
Dignity in the Workplace
Disability Awareness
Mental Health Awareness
Irish Culture Awareness
Jobseekers Workshops

Diversity & Equality Works has provided training to the Public, Corporate and Community sector since 2006.
Motivational Speaker and Personal Development Trainer
To inspiring change in self & society!
From telling the story...
Social Entrepreneur
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