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TCHS SLC Presentation DRAFT 1

Community-Generated Design Proposal for a phased renovation and expansion of Trenton Central High School

KSS Marketing

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of TCHS SLC Presentation DRAFT 1

a plan myths next steps Trenton Central High School renovated facilities are not as good as new facilities
a new school is cheaper
renovations are set at a fixed price
hazardous materials can't be remediated
modernization will take too long
Well managed renovations cost 10%-75% less than new construction Renovation costs depend purely on the scope of the project: they can range from $25 per sf to $350 per sf. This Building is being modernized in only 9 months
(and at only $3.5 Million!) Landmark Trenton Buildings with successful
hazardous materials remediation Immediate Repairs The Roof
The Roof Piping
Exterior Doors, Security
Brick and Stone Repairs
Interior Stair Repairs
Interior Doors- Panic Devices
Wood Floor Repairs at Leaks
Plumbing SYSTEM Repairs
Electric SYSYTEM Upgrade Hazleton High School, Hazleton, PA Pottstown Middle School, Pottstown, PA Princeton High School, Princeton, NJ Epps Freshman Academy, Jersey City, NJ Hacket Middle School, Albany, NY Over 20 Abbott Districts will compete for $100 Million
in "Emergent Project Funding" in 2011.

How can Trenton High School get to the top of the list???

What other tools can be used to force the State to properly
repair the most critical health and safety concerns? Visual and Performing Arts Business School Engineering School Communications School Green Roof: Horticulture School of Science 9th Grade Academy
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