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UAF Phonathon Training Manual

A Prezi used to train new Phonathon callers at UAF

Angi Cocuzza

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of UAF Phonathon Training Manual

Training Manual Getting started Making the Call Incentives/Benchmarks Marketing your Phonathon Experience Philanthropy and Fundraising @ UAF Philanthropy: Altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donation of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowments of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes. UAF Development Office: We are the fundraising arm of the university. Development staff solicits individuals, such as alumni, friends, employees, and organizations such as, corporations and foundations for donations to UAF. Most schools have their own Development Officer. Annual Fund: Year-round fundraisng program
used for:
Student scholarships
Computer/Lab equipment
Travel grants
Student rrgs
Special guests & events on campus Expectations and Guidelines What we expect of you: Professional attitude
Positive outlook
Friendly personality
Responsible Reliable
Good listener
High level of energy
Good communication skills What you can expect from us: Food
Nightly prizes
Two large prizes
Mid-way and end of year
Positive working environment Personnel Policies Shifts
Sun: 1-5pm
Mon-Thurs: 5:30-9pm
Missing a Shift
Don't do it
If you have to, FIND A SUB!
Subs must be found by 3pm(M-R) or 11am(S)
Call all callers who are not scheduled to work
Subs can be hard to find
Plan in advance,
Bribes of cookies work well
Timesheets/Getting Paid
Payday is every 2 weeks on Friday
Complete timesheets on UAOnline in a timely manner Step 1
Preparing for the call (What to know before you speak with someone) Step 2
Introduction Identify yourself and your organization (UAF) It's never okay to lie to Alumni! 1) Update the Alumni on new
things happening on campus
2)Discuss the Annual Fund/ Fundraising goals for individual schools Always gain permission to
continue with the call Step 3
Build Rapport State the reason you're calling Ask open-ended Questions: Be Personable Mirror the prospect If they are excited be excited,
if they are quite, be quite Don't wait to speak, listen to what the donor has to say Share new things happening at UAF What have you done with your degree
When was the last time you were on campus
Favorite courses/professors Step 4
Making the Case Tuition and fees don't cover the full cost of an education at UAF Alumni benefited from similar generosity when they were a student Use the Alum's personal experience Remind them that their gift will enable current/future students to have that same experience. Our strength is their strength The more people who give -> the better the reputation of the University -> the more valuable their degrees become. Every gift counts Give back to the university that got them where they are today Step 5
The Ask Be Confident!!! Always ask for the specific dollar amounts listed in the scripts Expect them to say yes Make all four asks, A lot of donors will say no twice before saying yes The first ask is because you never know what the alumni can afford The second ask moves down to a more affordable range The third ask is an even smaller amount to make the alumni comfortable giving Step 7
Overcoming Objections Don't take "No" personally Listen carefully to the reasons that the prospect gives so you can respond accordingly Some people, no matter how many awesome reasons you give them, will still say no, that's okay. You've still done a great job in getting them thinking about donating, and they may give next year Learn the list of Objections in Campus Call, they will help you A LOT! Remain Calm, Cool, and Collected when dealing with an objection How you respond to an objection can be the difference between a YES and a NO Step 8
Update Information Step 9
Closing Step 6
Pledges Unspecified Specified: Credit Card: These are the best kinds of gifts we can get ALWAYS ask to put the gift on a Credit Card.
They can be put to work immediately The prospect gave you an amount over the phone and where they would like it to go. The prospect doesn't want to tell you an amount over the phone *We will go over how to process gifts when we go over Campus Call* Sincere thank you for their pledge and taking the time to speak with you Ask if they have any questions Remind them that they will be receiving mail/email regarding their gift Thank them one last time and end the call Ask if their place work is a matching gift company: Matching gifts are EXTREMELY important!
They can double the amount of a donors gift. Snacks and drinks provided Skills Gained Experience Gained Thinking on your feet
Speaking clearly without verbal pauses (um, like, y'know)
Speaking persuasively
Active Listening Confidence in doing business over the phone
Establishing immediate rapport with people you've never met
Dealing with difficult people/situations with tact IT'S TIME FOR ROLE-PLAYING! http://www.uaf.edu/giving/ways/youngalumni/ Working as a team toward a common goal
Demonstrating work ethic in an employment situation
Demonstrating your ability to confidently handle financial information
Building a record of credibility, reliability, and personal responsibility on the job
Taking risks and demonstrating assertiveness and confidence Providing customer service; going the extra mile to listen and respond to "customer" needs and concerns
Communicating the vision of your university to a broad and diverse audience
Building support for a cause you believe in
Deepening your own connection with your university by understanding what happens behind-the-scenes to make it run smoothly, day-to-day if you have 100 people who give $25,
you'll end up with $2,500! The fourth ask is their graduation year in a dollar amount
This asks is for participation, which is the most important part. We would rather have a donor donate $25 dollars every year, instead of $200 once. Nightly Games/Prizes
Snacks and Drinks
Awards at the end of the year. One night stay at Chena Hot Springs
One round trip ticket from Alaskan Airlines Perfect Attendance
1st Specified pledge
3(7) New Donors 10 Credit Card Gifts
15 Specified pledges
Last two week pay bump The Prospects name
If they've given before
Where they live The year they Graduated and what degree they gotNews and Updates about UAF to share Address
Cell phone Email
Place of work
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