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Cafe del mar

Project management

Silvia Font

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cafe del mar

Students and professors spend long days at the university
A coffee shop with atmosphere of tranquility.
A place to work, study and have fun! scope Outside Scope:
Ability to find the right place
The coffe shop will meet local shops codes.
working area
relax area
serving area
workers area Wifi access
Chill out music
magazines and newspapers
board games
flavour pipes in special zones with extractors
Hoime made sandwiches, cookies, cakes and other snacks
Great selection of coffee and tea varieties

Availability of an stablishment with the desired characteristics
Coffee shop made according to owners appeals

Business Case and Benefits Realization

Recovery of initial investments in 24 months maximum Costs and Resources During the Life of the Project
Originally in May
delayed to may 5 Inauguration:
Objective: Before fall semester begins
Original schedule: first week of August
actual schedule: second week of august COMUNICATION Café del mar owners
Construction workers
Future employees
Biweekly status reports
direct communication for technical details and supervision.
Internet and phone calls
Advertising in local radios, newspapers, posters and promotions for people coming to the inauguration

After calcullating the ongoing costs of the project:
I assume that the store will in average make $9,000 of benefits a month.
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