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Don't Look Behind You

No description

Cheyenne Smith

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Don't Look Behind You

Don't Look Behind You Characters April Corrigan, an eleventh grader, is the main character. April tells you the story of her family's journey of going into hiding under the Federal Witness Security Program. April is a static character. April Corrigan George Corrigan, April's father, works for a airline company. George sets up the dominoes for their lives to fall apart by trying to play spy for a day. George Corrigan April's Mother, Elizabeth, is a children’s book author. Elizabeth has to give up writing stories because it might threaten her families lives. So she starts to become an alcoholic. Elizabeth Corrigan Bram is April's younger brother. He has one blue eye and one brown eye and he is 10 years old. Bram Corrigan First Person Point of View 5 Elements of Plot Exposition During the rising action April's father, George, gets in some life threatening danger. April mysteriously gets pulled out of class. Rising Action When April gets pulled out of class her grandma takes her back to the Corrigan household. The Corrigans have to leave and stay in a hotel for a couple days, that turn into weeks. Climax In the falling action the Corrigans have moved to a small town in hiding. They think all is good and nothing is wrong and they are safe. Falling Action The hitman that was trying to kill Mr. Corrigan hit his head and drowned and life goes pretty much back to normal but they still have to hide and get help from the Federal Witness Protection Program. Resolution Summary Metaphor- "... with the figure of a vampire poised in the doorway." (152)
Symbolism- "Brer Fox doesn't know it yet, but he's thrown us in the briar patch." (164)
Simile- "... it suddenly brushed my hand like the edge of a cobweb..." (165) Literary Elements The setting is in many places it starts out in Norwood, Virginia and ends in Grove City, Florida. Setting The theme of the story is, we all have rules for a reason. Those rules keep us safe and from getting out of control. Theme In the exposition you meet April, her family and some of her friends. You also learn about what is going on in her family. Everyone makes mistakes. In Don't look Behind You there are plenty of them. April Corrigan's life gets flipped upside down. Her life was perfect. April had the perfect boyfriend, friends, future, and so much more. She has to sacrifice it all to stay safe.
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