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Byzantine Empire & The Church: Conflict

No description

Nathan McGehee

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Byzantine Empire & The Church: Conflict

Byzantine Empire & The Church: Conflict
After Rome Falls
Popes gain power in Europe
Claim religious authority over all Christians
"Icon smashing", or the destruction of religious art.

730 CE, Byzantine emperor Leo III banned use of religious images in churches and homes

East and West
United by Christianity but with big differences:
Many cities
Busy trade
Great wealth
Eastern church
East Reacts
Patriarchs in the East, reject powerful Western popes.
East = Greek Influence

West = Frankish and Germanic influence (think French and German)
East and West
Mostly rural
Not wealthy
Western church
East and West
Lead to the destruction of many Byzantine pieces of art
In Rome, Leo's order applied to Byzantine-controlled Italy
Pope vs Emperor
Pope Gregory III excommunicates emperor
Holy Roman Emperor!
800 CE Byzantine Empress Irene viewed by Pope as weak
Pope crowns Charlemagne Roman emperor
Byzantines outraged
not weak
Final Break
1054 CE
Patriarch of Constantinople, Cerularius, closed all churches that worshipped in the Western style

Final Break
Pope sent cardinal to Hagia Sophia
Walked up to alter with order to excommunicate the patriarch Michael Cerularius
Final Break
Patriarch Cerularius excommunicates the cardinal
Doesn't have power to do so, but symbolic
Churches now separate
Got a Western-style
church? BUZZ OFF!
The Great Schism
This split in the church made them opposite forces until 1964!
How many years did those excommunications last?
1964. Yes, they had color photos then.
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