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Ági Mozoli

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of The USA

1. Where is the USA situated?
- The
United States of America
is a very big country with the population of 250 million people.
-The country is in the middle of the Noth American continent.
-Its neighbours are:
(on the north)

(on the south)

Atlantic ocean
(on the east)

Pacific ocean
(on the west)

- There are 51 states in the USA and they all have a government and a capital city.
- The capital city of the USA is
Washington DC
: The USA flag is called the
. There are
50 stars
on the flag, one for each state and
13 stripes
symbolize the first 13 states of USA.
2. Talk about its geography
(landscape, rivers, lakes, weather)
- There are extreme differences across the USA.
- In the western part of the country are the Rocky Mountains.
- In the centre of the country are huge plains where people grow mainly wheat.
- The longest river is
Great Lakes Region
we can find on the north. It makes a natural border with Canada.
Niagara Falls
are also situated in this area. They are one of the most beautiful wonders of the world.

- From north to south the climate of the country is very different.
- The coldest part is in Alaska and we can enjoy hot weather in the southern part of the country which has a subtropical climate:

New Mexico, Florida, California, Arizona
- Death Valley in California is the hottest place on Earth.
- In the Midwest the winters are long and cold.
Natural parks
- There are many popular parks.
- The most visited and oldest one is the
Yellowstone National Park.
Grand Canyon
is a famous canyon in
formed by the river
3. What is the capital city of the country? Name famous places of it.
- The capital city is
Washington DC
- White house
is the home of the president. The current president is Donald Trump :(
- In the city are many memorials and statues, the three most famous are
the Lincoln Monument, the Jefferson Monument
the Washington Monument
is also here which is a military headquarter.
4. Name the most famous places in the USA. Talk about the bigger cities there.
New York
- It has a nickname
- There are many famous places
Wall street
-the world's most important financial centre
World Trade Center
-The twins were destroyed by terrorists on the 11th of September, 2001.
-Nowadays we can find a museum, memorial and new towers at their place. The most popular tower is the Freedom tower, which is the highest building in New York.
The Empire State Building
-It is a famous skyscraper and tv tower
Brooklyn Bridge
-connects Brooklyn with Manhattan.
The Statue of Liberty
-stands on Liberty Island with a torch in her hand. The statue is an icon of freedom.
Times square
-is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions.
-we can find here huge and bright billboards and advertisement, shops, restaurants and most importantly Broadway theaters.
Fifth avenue
-here we can find many luxurious shops, jewelleries and offices
-it is one of the oldest and longest streets in NY
-here we can find many theaters, cinemas, concert halls, restaurants and bars
Central Park
-the largest and the most important park in NY with a Zoo and a lake
San Francisco
-one of the most famous and popular cities of the USA
-it is situated on the west coast in California
Golden Gate Bridge
-it is famous for its construction
-it has a unique orange colour
Los Angeles
-the second largest city of USA
-it is famous for film studios like
Beverly Hills
is the richest part of LA
Many film stars have houses here
Las Vegas
-many casinos are here
-there is a saying: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."
New Orleans
-it is the cradle of jazz music
-famous musician is Louis Amstrong
-the city is situated in Texas
-it is famous for the Nasa center, which is situated here
-it has world famous beaches
-it is very popular with tourists
-in this city we can find many theme parks and water parks, like Universal Studios park, Disneyland
- is the biggest city in Texas
- it is the home of cowboys and oil
-was famous for its car industry
-has a nickname "windy city"
-also has a professional basketball team named Chicago Bulls
-has many sights
6. Which are the special American holidays? What is Thanksgiving?
- it is a scary holiday
-children are wearing scary costumes and are going from
house to house asking a little chocolate or candy they say Trick or Treat
-American families are together and have special dinner which is usually a turkey
-They celebrate it on the last Thursday of November and remember the first successful harvesting of Pilgrims - by the help of native Indians
-Some cities have parades, like New York
Independence day
-Its other name is 4th of July
-It a day when USA became an independent country from Great Britain
-Families celebrate is outside with BBQ parties and fireworks
Memorial day
-last Monday in May
-remembering the soldiers who died in Civil War
7. What are the traditional food they eat?
-The like wide range of fast food like
-Another typical American food are:
8. What do you know about American people and their way of life?
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