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The Assault by Harry Mulisch

No description

Anna Williams

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of The Assault by Harry Mulisch

The Assualt by Harry Mulisch

1945, last days of Nazi occupation in Holland Who is this?
death of Fake Ploeg, an evil Nazi collaborator, sets off a chain of events that begin and end the entire plot of the book Ploeg is assisinated outside of the Kortewegs, but is moved from their house to the Steenwijks'. Because they move the body, the Skeenwijk's house is burned, and everyone in the family dies, expcept a young boy named Anton Anton moves in with his aunt and uncle and continues on with his life, he does not return to Harlaam, where his parents were killed, until later when he's in college Anton spent the night in a jail cell with a young woman, he never sees this woman's face but she comforts him... Later in life Anton will reconnect with three characters of his past, who each give him new information that fits all the puzzle pieces of what happened the night his parents were killed together broken glass lipstick kiss
- unpredictable; the pieces of the puzzle do not come together until the last chapter
- interesting structure
- deep underlying themes
- makes you think about the past and "the butterfly affect" or how something seemingly unrelated can affect you in more ways than you realize lizards characters themes and symbols setting Type of book, why I enjoyed it: Anton

-dice, mirror
-past, denial of past and not being able to live beyond the past
-"butterfly affect"
- appearance vs. reality
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