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02.07 East Asia - Medieval Japan: Assessment

By: Alejandra R-Tosso

Alejandra Tosso

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of 02.07 East Asia - Medieval Japan: Assessment

By: Alejandra R-Tosso
Grade: 10th
History 02.07 East Asia - Medieval Japan: Assessment Second Post Card First Post Card Another exciting post card from my adventures in Japan! Medieval Japan and I are well. Its very cold and busy here. While that's something, its not as shocking as what happened in 1206 C.E. when a mongol named:Genghis Khan tried to take over the world! Which expanded there empire from Poland,Russia to China and Korea! While in this process the cold and bitter weather is what helped win against them, but left us economically poor. After which Japan would neglect anything that was Chines made. Later in the Ashikaga Period,Ashikaga shogunate left the imperial government without any remaining power. They then had Bushido code and Zen gardens were becoming very popular, but even with that Japan wasnt doing so well. Christians and Europeans also thought as intruders were not aloud the practice of Christianity.Daimyo was destroying Japan. Christianity was destroyed and the Daimyo leaders were soon killed after a long battle. After this Japan isolated it elf for 200 years. Theaters such as the Kabuki became very popular and included entertainment for the higher class population. I'm finally here in Japan. Its so beautiful and different here.
A fascinating fact about Japan is that it adapted its belief, which is Buddhism, from China. Over time Japan has tried to open to other ideas, but at the same time regretting that because China's Buddhism is being put down. Making China seem like a bad influence in other places. While Kammu is in rule things have been more at peace. Its seems the population of Japan enjoy this new emperor. There has been a blossoming in the arts, such as poetry and paintings.For example; Haiku and Tankas which are forms of poetry. Also women are getting the right to learn how to read and write Japanese. In the Kamakura period the soldiers are led by a leader named Shogun, which they are very power people in the military. The icon for Japan is Samurai. Why? Well because they represent a symbol for courage and honor. Zen Buddhism and the Neh theater are quite popular.
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