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1964 - 1968

Breanna Renfroe

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of TWEENERS

What are typical characteristics of people in this age group? Racist
What are interests of this age group? Radio
Newspaper What is this group’s source of income? Majority of the income around this time came from people working in factories. What is the approximate age range for people in this demographic group? 48- 52 Tweeners By: Breanna Renfroe What issues regarding products might be important to them? The newspaper and the radio was most important during this time. Simply because that was their way of knowig what is going on in their community. Where would they do the majority of their shopping? Most women and mean had their clothing done hand made at specific stores. What types of products are targeted specifically at this age group? Baseballs
Cards How would this age group typically make the consumer decisions regarding purchases? Price would be a major factor during this time because jobs were limited and the focus was on Civil Rights.
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