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patricia alonso

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Fablab &

Massimo Poti
"Per Mille Molucche" Project

Edoardo Paolo Scalafioti
- Social Media and Content Consultant -
- CEO og Daviom -
Remote control for boilers with Arduino
Silvio Cacamo &

Giorgio Cerruti


Smart Greenhouse Project
IT Consulting / Front-end Development / Web & Graphic Design
Lidia Permanyer
- Architect -
Web developer
Goal: Find a cheaper solution for a remote controlled unity
Cross creativity

Fablab community:

- Maker Culture
- Digital Fabrication
- Sharing Knowledge
- Development of Projects
- Importance of online community
- They meet, collaborate, interact and exchange ideas, machines, tools, materials and software.

* They create projects
* Culture of sharing
*They are a group professionals from different fields
* Talent community
*Creativity is good problem solving
Creativity from two points of views:

1. Creativity for Innovation: New technologies, the internet economy, Communications...

2. Creativity for Social Quality (improve well being and social potencial)
Exploration of innovation, urban needs, social and environmental.
generate ideas, strategies and models of interaction
Digital Fabrication is an inspiring environment and a full resource network for coworkers
They are creating a bridge between the business community and the Maker Culture
Laser cutting in Architectural Model
Basic sketch of the project
Purpose of this project is the possibility of self- produced small vegetables , fruits, herbs or just plants and flowers in an apartment.

Km Zero food
More about Coworking & Fablab?
Polaroid Wall Event
Thank you!

Co – working community is:

- Sharing space
- Open atmosphere where is possible to co-share, co-work, create new projects between themselves
- They meet, collaborate, interact and exchange ideas
- Profit-oriented projects
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