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Games & Leisure Activities in the 1920s

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Seth Ziegler

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Games & Leisure Activities in the 1920s

Games & Leisure Activities in the 1920s
By: Seth Ziegler & Chad Freshnock

Common board games from the 1920s

Several Different Types of Chess

Types of popular dances throughout the 1920s
The Charleston
The Black Bottom
The Collegiate
The Varsity Drag
The Raccoon
The Tango

Most of people's free time was spent playing board games with family and friends, attending sporting events, dancing, partying or playing with new toys.

Roaring 20's
The 1920s was a time of loosening social structure. Before this time social standards and ways were very strict. These standards were flipped upside down during this period mainly through rebellious teenage influence.

Teenagers broke social barriers through wild parties, illegal consumption of alcohol, and sexually provocative dancing and attire.

Exotic Culture influence
During the 1920s the influence of Hollywood movies, commercial radio, modern advertising and newspaper and magazines helped generate excitement and enthusiasm are new crazes and fads.
The Dance Craze
An obsession with exotic culture arose in the 1920s after the discovery and excavation of Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb it created an egyptian style buzz in everything from dance moves, to jewelery, to movies, even hairstyles and makeup.
Games and Toys
New fad games and toys came about when young adults became enthralled with children's toys such as:
The yo-yo (1928)
The Pogo Stick (1919)
Miniature Golf (1927)
1920s Ouija Board
Popular 1920s movies
Female party attire from the 20s
Example of a 1920 Party
1920s Mahjong set
Hexagonal Chess a variation of chess played in the 1920s
Monopoly which was invented shortly after the 1920s
Female Attire influenced by Egyptian Culture.
American advertisements were even influenced by Egyptian culture.
An example of a showgirl from the 1920s who's clothing was influenced by Egyptian culture
An early Pogo stick design
Lastly, sports were a huge part of the 1920s, and going to sporting events was a very popular activity for adults and children alike
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