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Modelling of local scour using Sediment Simulation In Intakes with Multi-block option

Final Year Project Presentation

Olan Kenneally

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Modelling of local scour using Sediment Simulation In Intakes with Multi-block option

Scour Modelling of local scour using SSIIM Control File
Koordina File Conclusions Recommendations Degradation Scour
Contraction Scour
Local Scour Investigation Factors Affecting Local Scour Hydraulic Variables
Bed Material Characteristics
Severity of Constriction
Changes in Hydrology, Hydraulics or Sediment Transport
Pier Geometry
Angle of Attack Clear-Water Scour
Live-Bed Scour Cell Size
Aspect Ratio
Vertical Height Distribution Further Analysis
Physical Model Analysis
Uninterrupted Access to Computer Network
Error Estimator for SSIIM SSIIM Spatial Variations of Cell Size Affects Scour Depth
Vertical Height Distribution Affects Scour Depth
Orientation of Cell Size Affects Scour Hole Shape Compare results to:
Previous report
Empirical Equation Results Finite Volume Method
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Navier-Stokes Equation
Scour - van Rijn's formula Inputs Objective
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