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Talking Angela: The Talking Pedophile

This is the story of one of the biggest rumors in history. Is Talking Angela's so called "pedophile" really stalking you?

Max Warner

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Talking Angela: The Talking Pedophile

Where I Learned About This
This Rumor Is Fake!
Is Talking Angela that bad?
Will the hacker ever stop?
Is Outfit 7 responsible?
Will the molester get me?
In DARE class, we were told about the Talking Angela Hacker. When I looked into the big rumor, I found out about an old man being the hacker. The article I read said that he was a Pedophile and a Child Molester.
No one in the whole universe can tell if the pedophile will stop. So right now the only thing we can do is be alert and protect ourselves from the pedophile!

I would like to thank Prezi, Outfit 7, Huzlers, and Google Images from giving me all the info for this Prezi. Please stay safe!
That's what a bunch of these App Store retards thought. But there is proof that the hacker is real. There is his photo below. And don't molest Ariana, you pedophile!
Yes. Here are two YouTube presentations about Talking Angela.
Outfit 7 claims Angela is a chat-bot, and there is no pedophile behind the screen. But the Huzlers article about Eli Moreno states a law enforcement officer said "We've been tracking the Talking Angela pedophile for days now, he's like a shadow."
Not if he doesn't know your information! When you click download your information is immediately sent to the hacker. I am already at risk writing this and I have downloaded the app and told her my secrets! I deleted the app last month.
By Max Warner
The story of a stalker, child molester, and pedophile, who controls Talking
Angela, a popular app
by Talking Friends
The Talking Pedophile
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