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A diabetes report on Prezi about all the different types and how you get it and how we can help.

Alexandra Roger

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Diabetes

Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Diabetes has the common elements of hyperglycemia and glucose intolerance, due to no or little insulin, insulin action not working, or both . There are four types of Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)
Other specific types
Main things about Type 1 diabetes:

Insulin dependent
Cause: destruction of the pacreas so for no insulin is created by the beta cells.(No one knows the reason)
Any age, more often children and adults
Need injections at meal times or pump to control their glucose, without will die very slowly and lose energy.

abnormal thirst and a dry mouth
frequent urination
extreme tiredness/lack of energy
constant hunger
sudden weight loss
slow-healing wounds
recurrent infections
blurred vision
Having diabetes is becoming more common and no one knows the reason but their are guesses like because of a viral infection.
Main Things about Type 2 diabetes

It is more common to be diagnosed after the age of 40 but now the amount of children with type 2 diabetes is increasing.
Type 2 diabetes can't be decteced for many years and the diagnosis is often made through an abnormal blood or urine glucose test.
Type 2 diabetes is not always related to obesity. It is common to be because of genes
People with Type 2 diabetes are not insulin dependent but they may need it.
Nowadays people with diabetes is associated with cultural and social changes, ageing populations, dietary changes, less physical activity and other unhealthy lifestyle and behavioural problems.
Caused by:

Obesity, diet and physical inactivity
Increasing age
Insulin resistance
Family history of diabetes
Less than optimum intrauterine environment
Ethnicity Gestational Diabetes Main things about Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a glucose intolerance of varying pain which begins in pregancy.
To avoid any harm to the baby Maintaining control of blood glucose levels is a must without control it could result in complications in the baby like large size at birth, birth trauma, hypoglycemia and jaundice.
GDM also can be associated with obesity and abnormal glucose metabolism during childhood and adult life in the baby.
GDM also has an increased risk of women developing type 2 diabetes in their later years.

Diabetes is now one of the leading causes of death, mainly because of an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.
The cost of diabetes for their parents or guardians is huge. (Costs include those for healthcare, loss of earnings and economic costs).
Elevation of BG even when there are no symptoms will lead to tissue damage and a following often serious disease. This usually affects the kidneys, eyes, peripheral nerves and vascular tree, which are the most significant and sometimes fatal diabetes complications.
If there is no control of diabetes in children it can result in stuted growth, exposre to hypoglecemia and hyperglycemia can affect neurological development.
Children are more sensitive to lack of insulin than adults and have a higher risk of developent of diabetic coma.
The major complications of diabetes are:

cardiovascular disease (CVD);
amputation; and
Diabetes complications Nick Jonas
Randy Jackson
Leslie West
Elvis Presley
Larry King
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Anne Rice
Thomas Edison
Crystal Bowersox
Ellie Roger
This shows that just because they have diabetes they can do whatever anyone else can they just have to be more careful.

Everyone know Crystal Bowersox the only girl left in American Idol this year and what has she done even with type 1 diabetes.
Facts about Diabetes Diabetes is the fourth leading cause of death, globally
In 1995-2025, the developed world will see a 41 per cent increase in how many people have diabetes, from 51 to 72 million
Worldwide, a 122 per cent rise is projected, from the total of 135 to 300 million
If the present trend persists, by 2025 most people with diabetes in developed countries will be aged 65 years or more, while the majority of diabetic persons in developing countries will be in the 45- to 64-year-old age group.
80% of people with Diabetes are in low-mid countries
Diabetes develops quicker in children than adults
Access to Insulin in developing countries is little but even in a hospital that has insulin lots of children stilll die from it(in developing countries)
Another reason why children die from diabetes is that the parents don't have money to pay for it or even get to a hospital
Another problem in developing countries is misdiagnosis because of no awareness
Images Types and info
Other info How can we help? What can we do to raise awareness? Organizations that help people with diabetes We can be a volunteer for any organization that helps people with diabetes
We can find out more about it
We can make an organization that helps people with diabetes
We can give our time
By learning about it we can help because out there in the world there are so many people
who have diabetes and we don't know so by learning we can tell others and others will learn,
then in the coming future many people will know and we can create a cure faster
(as there is no cure right now!) and help the people with diabetes.We can also help them by creating more advanced technology to help them. We can just learn about it and tell others through the mouth.
We can make posters to tell everyine about diabetes
We can make cards to tell people about it
We can treat people with Diabetes the same as everyine else so that others follow.
A Personal story Eleanor
Diagnosed Age =5
Dependent on =Pump
Interview of her
How do you feel about having diabetes?
A: When I first got diabetes I was scared but now I am used to it and it is fine, the only thing is I don't like me when people think I am different.
Do you think it changes your life?How?
A: Yes it changes my life because their are several times in my life when I will have to do something different from other people and not do somethings, but only because it is not a good idea.
Is there any difference between your life and other kids lives?
A: Yes, because they don't have diabetes, I have a pump they don't, I have to be pricked several times a day they don't, I have to have a sight change they don't.
Is it hard to have diabetes? Why?
A: No, because it doesn't hurt to have the pricks and sight change and nowadays technology has changed so it is fine.

Interview of her parents
How does it affect her and your family?
A: Everything has to be planned, spontaneity is hard to do, it requires a higher level of attention from the parents, all carbohydrates have to be calculated or estimated, people see her as different, she has to be careful on what she eats, if she goes low or high she will get grumpy, tired and can loose focus, people stare at her because of her pump and injections.
How will it affect her life?
A: As she reaches puberty and various stages of her life she will have to change her amount of insulin, she will have to give herself insulin 4-6 times a day everyday of her life, if she goes high for long periods she has a risk of permanent damage to various parts of her body. (as I have said before in other parts)
If she goes high or low in BG what should you do?
A: High:Give her Insulin Low:Give her Food
Can it affect her mentally, for life?How?
Yes, if she runs high for a prolonged time is believed to affect learning ability.
Can she do everything that a normal kid can?
Yes, everthing we just have to plan and be careful and make sure we or her are in control.

Can she eat sweeets, how does it affect her?
Yes she can eat sweets, you just have to match her insulin to the food.
How can we help?(not just her, but people around who have diabetes type 1)
By treating them the same as everyone else and understanding what to do if she has low BG levels.

Main points
Different types and their differnece
Anyone with diabetes can do the same as anyone else they just have to plan
Action you can take
You can prevent type 2 not type 1
Insulin can be given by an injection or pump

Please enjoy our cards and Thank You! Around the world

Defeat Diabetes
International Diabetes Federation
Diabetes NZ
Diabetes UK World Diabetes Day ............. World Diabetes day is a day that was first created by the International diabetes Federation(IDF) and World health Organization(WHO) in 1991 because of the huge rise in diabetes around the world and to spread awareness of diabetes.

WDD is on the 14th of November and there are many organizations for diabetes that celebrate it and have activities to raise awareness. The theme from 2010-1013 is prevention of type 2 diabetes and educating people about diabetes, Why don't you next year be a part of it!

My parents and people I interviewed

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