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Everything about djing is here

Jr. Fuentes

on 28 March 2010

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Transcript of Dj

The Arts Of Djing Learn About... DJ Djing is Awesome Some Tools Decks Hands Headphones Decks Decks are the Turntables used to put records on And spin like a DJ Hands Your hands are very important, their used to make all the sweet sounds Headphones Headphones allow DJs to hear the sounds they make DJ History GrandMaster Flash made
the turntables an instrument
as he amaized everyone with his
Dj skills Grand Master Flash was a very famous Dj Past Djs There have been
meny Djs just like, GrandMaster Flash,
Dj Shadow,
Dj Candie,
Dj Tiesto,
Dj AM DJ AM Dj Shadow DJ Tiesto DJ Talk Some words that
are used in the DJ
industry are...
Cross Fade,
and Cut That way Free Style Cut Cross Fade Scratch Free Style Cross Fade Mix the two songs
together Scratch Make the sound
that everyone knows
about Cut Stop the song for
a few seconds to
make cool affects Customise how ever
you want DECKS!! Deacks give style to
the DJ when he gets
to his records, there
are meny styles and
DJs are always looking
for style David Gueta-Sexy Chick
Beastie Boys- Bras Monky
Draft Punk- Mixtrix one and two
Weezer- Beverly Hills
Rianna- Disturbia
Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boo Pow Music! DJs can use music
staring from- Hip Hop,
R&B, and Rock Songs like... Dj' also have to deal
The way they preform
And impresing their audiance Dj Work THANKS FOR WATCHING Credits: Pictures By - Google Pictures Picked by... Me Info Found From... Uncles Both Jimmy and Francisco Extra help ...? Relatives and the Prezi website Special Thanks to... Prezi.com And Mr.Sclar Avid Rocks Dj Dj Disc Jocky
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