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Cultural Identity

No description

Jordan Fields

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Cultural Identity

Cultural Identity
By: Jordan Fields
My parents and grandparents were born in Louisiana. The language we all speak and have spoken is English.
-Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis the XIV
- The state capitol is Baton Rouge
- Major Spanish and French influences
-The world Famous Mardi Gras festival is hosted in Louisiana each year.

Traditional Food
Mardi Gras celebration of food, fun, and family celebrated on Fat Tuesday February 9th the day before Ash Wednesday when lent begins. Purple, green, and gold are the main colors of this celebration the represent justice, power, and faith.
Family traditions

Ancestral Countries
Louisiana Facts
Shrimp Etouffee
French Flag
- The colors blue and red correlate with the Virgin Mary which is the patron Saint of France. These colors also represent the three main Ancient Regimes. Blue represent nobility, white clergy,and red bourgieos.
Religious, Racial, and Ethnic Identity?
Religion: Christian/Catholic
- My earliest recollection of racial differences was in elementary school when we first took time to learn about slavery, what it meant and its historical significance.
Life Experiences
- Major forces that have shaped my experiences are my parents, they have taught me to work hard and treat everyone with respect.
- My grandparents grew up during a time period where discrimination and prejudice were a normal part of everyday life for black people. After listening to some of there stories about how life used to be I think we have made great strides. However, their is still a lot of work to be done, continually we stereotype and cast judgment on people from different backgrounds.
Culture and diversity play a major role in development at Lone Star through their opportunities to join a large amount of clubs and organizations which give students a chance to meet a variety of different people. Our classrooms offer a large diverse setting that allow us to make friends and connections that could last a lifetime.
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