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gillian banks

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Hawaii

Hawaii's features and climate zones
Sea Life Park

Hawaii's beaches
Hawaii's Economy
Hawaii's History
Hawaii's economy is very interesting. In 2001 the 50th State in America cost $43.7 billion to run. The Federal Government gave $10 billion to Hawaii's growing government in 2010, which was spent to expand visitors' resources. Hawaii’s government spent more than $5.68 billion on Oahu, (Which was not from the $10 billon that Hawaii got from the Federal Goverment). Hawaii's primary forms of revenue are tourism and agriculture.
Hawaii’s History is very exciting. Hawaii was discovered by Captin Cook in 1778. The word Aloha was originally from the Polynesian (Pal-ah-knee-shun) word “Alofa”. Hawaii is the only state in the USA that celebrates King Kamehameha day. (Who was the king who made all the islands unite instead of fight.)
Beaches in Hawaii are quite pretty. Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai is the beach almost everyone imagines when they think of Hawaii beaches. Hanalei Bay is a two mile beach with a stretch of sugar white sand. Blue green salt water is hugged by peaceful rivers. Luxurious waterfall with vibrant flowers and emerald green mountains wrapped in misty clouds is how I would define Hawaii beaches. Hapuna Beach on The Big Island is a half mile long crescent shaped beach which regularly wins Kudos in the World's top travel magazines as the most beautiful beach. (It was also Gillian's grandfather's favorite beach in the world.) Kapalua Beach takes the prize for the best beach on the island of Maui.
Waimea Canyon on Kauai's West side is 10 miles long and more than 3,000 feet deep, and is called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. One of the tallest mountain in the world is in Hawaii. Its name is Mauna Kea which stands at an astonishing 13,803 feet above sea level! Snow covers the high mountain tops of Mauna Kea (which nickname is white mountain in winter months.) Rainfall on The Big Island : Hawi gets 80 to 120 inches of rainfall, Hilo 200 to 240 inches of rainfall, Captain Cook 60 to 80 inches of rainfall, Kona International Airport in Keahole 30 to 40 inches of rainfall, Honoka'a 80 to 100 inches of rainfall, Waikoloa 30 to 40 inches, Kealakekua is 120 to 160 inches in rainfall, Volcano Village 80 to 120 inches of rainfall, Kawaihae is 0 to 30 inches of rainfall, Kailua-kona is 40 to 60 inches of rainfall, Waimea is 60 to 80 inches of rainfall. The Big Island: Hawi = summer dry climate zone, Kona international airport = dry summer arid climate zone, Volcano village is a constantly wet climate zone, but Hilo is winter dry. Captain cook is winter dry, KealaKekua has a continuous climate zone of being wet. Kailua/ Kona is a winter dry place, Waikoloa is a dry semi arid. Kawaihae is a dry arid, Cuaima is regularly wet. Honokaa is a winter dry climate zone. These are all of the Hawaii climate zones.
Pearl Harbor
About Gillian
About Nina
Gillian's Family
Volcanoes are awesome, they blow up. Volcanoes are one of the reasons lots of people go to Hawaii. Who doesn't want to see a giant mountain explode with burning hot liquid everywhere? I know I would. And did you know that theres a Volcano National Park which opened in 1916? If you are wondoring how volcanos made Hawaii - read on. Sometime about 70 million years ago a cataclysmic rupture occurred in the Earth's mantle, deep below the crust. A hot spot of liquid rock blasted though the Pacific plate like a giant cutting torch, forcing magma to the surface off the cost of Russia. The torch cut along the plate, piling up mountains of rock, producing island after island Forming a Volcan
Pearl Harbor is one of the saddest places on earth. The attack of Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7th,1941. A total of 2,335 soldiers were killed in the bombing. The Japanese attacked on a sunday knowing that the army would not be at work so when they did bomb no one was prepared.When the bombing did occur everyone in the Army, Air Force and you name it ran into position. Pearl Harbor declared war on the Japanese the next day. Pearl Harbor has a military base that is still active. Did you know Pearl Harbor was named for the abundance of pearls in its waters?
FunFacts on Hawaii
Hello, My name is Nina Pike and I live in shelburne! I have a Mom named Lisa a Dad named Alan and a brother named Bo! Unlike Gillian I have never been to Hawaii and I wan't to go now! It was so fun working with Gillian, she makes me laugh and I LOVED working with her! Further more if you have not been to Hawaii you should go because YOLO ( you only live once) and it souds like a babtastic place to go to explore the wilderness or just chillax on the beach. So Go!!!!
I have some fun facts that I would like to share.
Hawaii is the only state in the us that grows coffee.
There is a lot to see in Hawaii like the music and dances that are performed everyday.
Hawaii is the only state in the us that celebrates King Kamehameha day.(which is on June 11th)
From east to west, Hawaii is the widest state in the usa. Which is 1500 miles long from the Big Island to Nahanu.
Hawaii’s nickname is The Aloha state.
Hawaii has its own time zone called Hawaii Standard Time (HST) Hawaii dose not do daylight saving times the HST time runs two hours ahead of the Pacific standard time and five hours behind the Eastern standard time.

We would like to dedicate this book (or Prezi) to our beloved Angelena Patnode. We would like to do this because she is awesome and miss her dearly. Feel better soon!
Becka was a big help on making our Prezi. We love Becka dearly, and she is very awesome and we have very much enjoyed her working with us.
Hawaii The Big Island Reaveld
This is Gillian here, and I have a brother named Geoffrey and a Dad named Kian, and a Mom named Heather. I went to Hawaii when I was a baby and when I was 1. I have a friend and her name is Nina! It has been fun working with her and she is so funny! My grandparents lived in Hawaii for 14 years.
Sea Life Park
Grab a cup of coffee (Because Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee) and head on down to Sea Life Park. Sea Life Park is a marine mammal park, which means you can swim with dolphins and whales or just watch cute penguins and turtles
swim and much more. Did you know Sea life Park uses 300,000 US gallons . That's 240,000,000 pounds of water!!! Furthermore if you are interested in going to Sea Life Park you better not smoke because Sea Life Park has a no smoking policy and also no alcohol. So head on down to Sea Life Park.

This is us "working."
Did you notice the British flag?,
That is because Captin Cook was also British.
This is Waimea Canyon.
Ms. Cindy
Hawaii by: P.J. Nerl

Honu = turtle in Hawaiian.
Me & Nina having fun!
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