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Street Musician's day 2013

No description

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Street Musician's day 2013

Street Musician's Day,

...free creativity and unitedness festival of all the people playing music of the country.
For the 7th year already Lithuanian singer and actor Andrius Mamontovas declares the 3rd Saturday of May be to the Street Musician's Day...

He invites to join everybody who:
- can not help singing,
- can not help playing music, - can not help creating...

Armed with most diverse music instruments they play rock, classical music, jazz, avant-garde, folklore and beat African rhythms.

At the end of the day all of them gather together for the final accord and beat drums, improvising together.

1. Have this wish,
2. Choose your playing style,
3. Register on the website >>> www.gmd.lt or write us an email >>> judita@gmd.lt or koordinavimas@gmd.lt
4. Get out to your city street on the third Saturday of May and...
5. ... play music, sing and interact with your fully open heart!
During seven years of the existence of this festival, approximately 50 Lithuanian towns, and in the long run, also Lithuanian neighbours – the city of Latvia Riga and the capital of Belarus Minsk – joined the Street Musician's Day.
The capital of Georgia Tbilisi joined Lithuania with great enthusiasm in 2012.
Street Musicians Day:
Know how
Make it happen!

- the age,
- music style,
- social status,
- professionalism,
- living place,
- and other subjective or objective factors...
In 2012 and 2013, the SMD was celebrated by the Lithuanian world communities in Paris, Copenhagen, York, Nottingham, Punsk, and Tallinn and etc.

...to fill in one’s city with music sounds and become a part of this playing city.

Neither stages, nor special scenarios or programmes are needed for this, just a street, one’s heart and music.
Street Musician's day in Riga ( Latvia)
How does it look like?
Street Musician's day in Tbilisi (Georgia)
The Closing of SMD - Drum2gether,
The important
thing is...
Everybody is invited:

...are of NO IMPORTANCE!
Streets, yards, big and small squares get full of professional and amateur musicians.
Street Musician's Day 2014 in Your town...
Street Musician's day
More about
Street musician's day (SMD)

SMD cities: Tbilisi & Batumi
Even more SMD cities:
SMD cities: 50 LT cities +
Minsk & Riga
If you wish to participate in the Street Musician's Day, you need to:
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