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Interview Preparation and Practice

No description

Trevor Langille

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Interview Preparation and Practice

The Path to a Successful Job Interview
Questions we have answered today!
Prepare for the Interview
S.T.A.R. Format
What are the Employers Expectations?
What are my strengths and challenges?
How can we prepare for the interview?
What should I wear?
How do I answer the questions?
What should I do after the interview?

Prepare for your hike!
What research should I do?
What should I wear?
What questions will they ask?
What questions will I ask?
How do I answer the questions?
Should I follow up?
Research the company
Arrange transportation
Practice possible interview questions
Call references
Visit the company
Prepare notes with questions
Suitable clothing prepared
Situation – Describe a situation that relates to the question asked.
Be specific!
Task – Explain your role and/or responsibilities.
Action – Tell the interviewer what you did. How did you respond?
Result – Summarize the outcome. It should be positive!

Employer Expectations
Problem Solver

Passion and Enthusiasm
First Impressions
Stage: After Interview
Write down questions and answers
Send thank you note/s
Follow up with the interviewer/s
Always speak with the interviewer/s regarding feedback on your interview

Perfume? Cologne?
Dress for Success!
What should I wear? What should I consider?
Tattoos? Piercings?
Business Suit or Jeans?
Shoes or Sneakers?
What color should I wear?
Coffee or Apple?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Points to consider
Be Prepared, Practice, Practice, Practice
Do something that makes you feel good
Self Talk and Think Positive
Remember you are assessing the employer too!
It's only a conversation
Any More Questions?
Questions for the Interviewer???????
When will you be making a decision?
What is the culture like?
What does a typical day look like?
What are the training opportunities?
What should you not ask about?
Ikea Job Interview
Interview Day
After Interview
Job Offer
Stage: Pre-Interview
Stage: Interview Day
Stage: Interview Day
Stage: Job Offer
salary/hourly wage
training time frames
dress code
Stage Job Offer:

Talk to your Caseworker about Employment Start Up Benefits
Things to consider
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