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Being an Independent Music Artist in 2015

Overview Eventbrite, Bandcamp and MailChimp as effective promotional tools.

Clare Kelly Duffin

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Being an Independent Music Artist in 2015

Being an Independent Music Artist in 2015
In twos, create a detailed digital release plan for a selected music artist's new record - preferably for an artist within your pair. This should outline a clear online PR strategy, plus:

- Completion of Bandcamp form (Moodle)
- Selection of social-media platforms (and why)
- Target demographic (and why)
- What key organisations the artist will be using (PRS, PPL, etc.)
Presentation format suggestions:
- Prezi.com
- Smartphone video to YouTube/Vimeo

- getgimp.com
- makeagif.com
- sumopaint.com
- pixlr.com
1. Short introductory video

2. What makes a good online music release?
- Generation of ideas

3. Look at the MailChimp control panel / dashboard

4. Look at Bandcamp data fields

5. Completion of Task (1hr)

6. Plenary

Overview & Aims
1. Introductory video
Format for today...
By the end of this session, you should be able to:
1. Set up a new release on Bandcamp
2. Generate free download codes within Bandcamp
3. Modify and effectively utilise
nside MailChimp with Bandcamp download codes
4. Present a digital music release plan (in groups) which demonstrates a clear online release strategy.
Loren Weisman >
Consultant, producer and coach Loren Weisman works to help, assist & consult independent artists, musicians, bands, labels & other businesses to achieve sustainable success. He has been a part of over 700 albums as a drummer and music producer.

Author of: The Artist's Guide to Success in the Music Business.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/lorenweisman?feature=watch
Online creativity tools:
Online Distribution & Content Management

BandCamp live overview: http://bandcamp.com
(Bandcamp.com, 2015)
Building Relationships with Fans/Audience
Starting with...
See pages 6-11 of handout on MailChimp campaigns
Moodle > Handouts > 'Eventbrite & MailChimp - handout'
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