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Your RWS

No description

Xiang Di

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of Your RWS

Your Singapore, Your RWS! Redefine your Singapore, Redefine your RWS! Using bluetooth technology
An Interface that would provide all visitors with bluetooth-enabled devices their ideal destination based on their personalities. Function :
Silhoutte of a body whereby
everybody part represents one unit in RWS Flashing over a body will display its corresponding unit in RWS

Mouse over "Stomach" will flash a sign
reading "food". Showing information of nearby restuarants and fast food centers according to the partons current location via BlueTooth BlueTooth via Interface's Unique Features ... ...
Convenience Personalise your one of a kind destination When a visitor first step into Sentosa, Switching on his Bluetooth will allow him or her first to gain access to mobile content Bluepulse is a simple application for mobile phones
allow a person to receive "location based information" Other features:
aid the communication of large groups of people
information about Singapore will be displayed to the users which provides users the way to life and culture in Singapore
new promotions and updates Differentiation:
“think globally but act locally” We came up with An added feature in our system known as “Your RWS Consumers can then get to choose what type of RWS through searching our platform of useful content they want based on their personalities. FEASIBILITY? The technology is very common nowadays and hence, it will be very easily available to us. However, costs may pose a problem to us as hosting a bluetooth system needs quite a fair bit of money But in the long run, this technology will bring in a lot more profits for RWS with revenue generated from advertisments. Unique approach:the only costs incurred are the ones we need to pay for hosting a Bluetooth system There already have been Bluetooth enabled shopping malls built, not in Singapore, but in other parts of the world like Sydney. Potential Service Provider:
Aura Interactive Singapore Under close competition from... From regional destinations:
Hong Kong
Bangkok Only way of differentiation from other IRs is through Glocalization. There has to be the existence of globalization in our integrated resorts but at the same time, we should not neglect localization. With the system in place... Your RWS becomes a Singaporean IR, rather than a purely globalised one. RWS gets both Singapore and Universal Culture. Other implementations:
Shopping Center
Theme parks
Facilities Direct capturing of queues
Personalised Shopping List
Immediate assistance Convenience
Enhanced Visitor Experience
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