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HENRY How Money Evolved

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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of HENRY How Money Evolved

How Money Evolved

4 Grade
Miss Voss
Bartering 9000 BC and earlier
Natural Resources
Metal Coins
Paper Currency
Invisible $
Before people had money they bartered.
Bartering is when people exchanged something
for another thing. For example people traded resources or services {cows, chicken, cattle, sheep}. People traded these items to get new stuff. This made them healthier and made it easier to travel. Trading was an important steep toward creating money.

In about 1200 BC people stopped trading and used Natural Resources as money. The reason people stopped trading was because it was hard to transport the things to trade. And some didn't want to trade one an other's things. The natural resources where like {sticks, rocks, shells etc}. People agreed on the value and it was easier to get what you wanted. Changing from trading to natural resources was the second step in the making of money.

1200 BC
1000 BC
In 1000 BC people used metal coins.
The reason people changed to metal coins
was because people disagreed on the value
of natural resources. The coins where made
out of metal {gold, silver, bronze, and copper}.
Many people agreed on the value. This was the
third change in the money process.
The Needs Of Mankind Have Evolved Over Time
In 800 people started using paper money.
The reason they did was because the coins
where getting heavy and the makers ran out
of metal easily. From then on people used
paper instead of metal. It was suddenly easier
to carry paper. This was the 4th change in money.

Recently people started using online money.
The reason people did was because it was safer
to carry around and it was easier. This money was
money {credit cards etc} that you couldn't see
so it was electronic. This made it easier to steal. This was the fifth step and modern step towards money.
The Needs Of Mankind Have Evolved Over Time
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