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Death In The Air By:Shane Peacock

Presentation By:Ryanne McNeil

Ryanne McNeil

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Death In The Air By:Shane Peacock

Death In The Air By Shane Peacock Main Characters
Sherlock Holmes
Sigerson Bell
The Swallow Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is one of the Main characters in 'Death In The Air'.He dresses in tattered clothes and has messy brown hair. He trying to find out who tryed to kill Monsieur Mercure. Sigerson Bell is another Main Character of the book. he is the person who takes care of Sherlock, due to the death of the boy's mother. Rating
I rate this book 6/10. This is because at the beginning it was really boring but near the end it got really exciting. i would recommend this book to someone who likes mysteries and someone who enjoys reading every little detail in a book. Connections
1. Sherlock reminds me of myself. i love adventure and i love solving cases.
2. Sometimes when i am walking home from school i feel like someone is following me home. this made me understand the book more because i was feeling the same way Young Sherlock was feeling in the book. SETTING
'Death In The Air's setting was in london, england. Here is a beautiful picture of London.
Sherlock Holmes is at the crystal palace waiting for his dad when suddenly,.A trapeze artist drops 100 feet from the trapeze above onto the hard floor, a few feet from sherlock. Sherlock inspects the trapeze artist to see if he is either dead or alive. the man's last words were to Sherlock. The Man Said "silence me."
Sherlock went home wondering if he should solve this mystery. The young boy started looking around for clues, when he met The Swallow. The young trapeze artist, that Sherlock believed,was his key to finding the murderer. Sherlock accused The Swallow of committing homicide, but the young star promised Sherlock that he didn't. Sherlock soon figured out who the killer or killers were, they were uncaught by the police, not even identified. Sherlock finds the killers but wishes he hadn't. SUMMARY
The book starts off like this.......
The Swallow is the victim who almost died. when he was younger, he was a criminal with the Brixton Gang. He helps Sherlock throughout the book. Sigerson Bell The Swallow THE END hard word!! Inconspicuous Definition: Something or someone that is not noticeable. Quote " As he grows older, he seems to grow stranger" This quote is an opinion. Sherlock is demonstrating that as Sigerson Bell gets older he is becoming even more weirder
than usual.
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