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Colonial Rhode Island

No description

Tiffany Hill

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Rhode Island

Colonial Rhode Island By: Tiffany Hill Physical Beauty Rhode Island has many different kind of landforms. It has rocky coastlines and rocky terrain. It has various rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ponds. Rhode Island includes a variety of hills, woodlands, waterfalls, forests, bays, streams and summits. All of these resources attract many settlers. Political Environment Anyone who is a citizen of the Rhode Island colony is allowed to participate in governmental practices such as voting as long as you are a white, male landowner. Slaves are also allowed to vote for their own government. Economic Opportunities Fish, timber, textile, rubber, and machinery is exported and traded with Europeans for other materials such as tools and spices. Many jobs, trades, and businesses include shipbuilding, blacksmiths, silversmiths, and candle making. Degree of Religious Freedom Rhode Island was founded by Benedict Armold in 1636 due to the fact that he was banished from his other colony for the lack of religious liberty. Thus, Rhode Island is based on religious freedom, tolerance, and separation between the church and the government. Cultural advantages The fact that Rhode Island has religious freedom is a cultural advantage. It attracted diverse ethnic groups to the colony. Rhode Island is allowed to own slaves and slave trading was profitable. Rhode Island also has fertile soil and hunting areas. Ethnic Diversity There is no specific religion in the colony. Rhode Island is a safe haven to religious minorities. There are many different ethnic groups such as Puritans, Quakers, Dutch Reformers, Anglicans and Baptists. The majority of the population are white settlers and those families who own slaves. Educational opportunities Many villages in Rhode Island have established public schools. Students of wealthier families attend these schools and learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. They also learn the Bible and various sciences in preparation for college. Those who live on plantations will most likely receive their education at home. Females are taught to run households and males are usually apprenticed. Familly Life Family is the centerpiece of life in Rhode Island. Everything--from attending church, to school, to choosing a trade--is family oriented.
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