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Standardized Testing

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Le'Brittany Smith

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing
By:Le'Brittany Smith
"Many look at standardized testing appealing: It measures students by a common yardstick, holds teachers accountable for results, and helps identify where problems lies." Stated the article,
Is Standardized Testing Failing Our Kids by Rose Garrett.
Standardized Testing have fail to make a positive outcome on students. Although I'm an A-B honor roll student, and have been taking pre ap courses since middle school being force to take the staar my freshmen year going into 10th was very difficult. Not because I didn't understand what I learned throughout the year, but being under pressure to pass my test over all the information we learned was a struggle, especially some teachers gave answers on test more then helped us know how to find them ourselves.
-23% fifth graders failed math STAAR exam in 2012
-25% fifth graders failed reading
STAAR in 2012
-16% eighth graders failed reading STAAR exam in 2012.
-23% eighth graders failed reading.
Opposing Side
-According to standarizedtests.procon.org in 2002 the state spent $423 million on standardized test. which increased to $1.1 billion on test in 2008.
Test Anxiety
Students in the USA
are the most tested
students , taking over
100 test in a year.
Students who are highly capable of doing well are still overwhelmed by test. Students develop a level of nervousness through the "rigidly timed exam".
Not only is students effected by the state exam, teachers still face stress trying to well prepare the class in due time.
Standardized tests used in schools are not the best evidence of performance. Some students are brilliant thinkers, but poor test takers.
Students who are seniors in high school that fail to pass the test feel hurt and deprive given that after completion of twelve years of school a test determines if students can graduate with their classmates.
-Students take readiness test to determine if a child is ready for kindergarten program offered by the school.
-Screening tests to identify if students will be labeled as gifted and talented.
-The purpose or base of standardized test is biased in favor of those whose culture and upbringing most closely resemble that of the test makers-typically, white middle class males who live in metropolitan areas.

According to homepage.eircom.net
In other words
(test are biased against females, children if color, children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and who live in rural areas).
Above shows a college
board by James Fallows in 1974.
giving scores from an SAT.
Overall standardized testing should come to a end in schools. Given that students lose focus of creativity, learning real-life material and can be extreme pressure for students who learning level differs from other students.
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