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Gaston Durand

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Sports

Squi : The first historyc reference that we have its from 2500 a.C a picture in a stone with a hunter with squis
Extreme sports
Paddel : The paddel was originated in the eighties of the XX Century.

Rugby : The rugby beggins in 1823 ( William Webb Ellis )
Other sports
Golf : The golf was originated in china. But the modern golf as we know was originated in Scotland, we know this because in the Scotland parlament of the 15th Century, were 2 acts forbid this game.
Other sports i practice
My favorite sports
Other sports i practice
Other sports
Extreme sports
My favorite sports
Football : Football or Soccer can be traced us to medieval times, in some British islands. But the modern football is considerate begun in 1863.

Tennis : Some historians believe that tennis originated in Northen France in the 12th Century. But it wasn't until 16th Century, When rackets begun to use.

By Gastón Durand
Kapa o Pango V.S ARGENTINA 2012 (Most see)
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