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Final Case Study

Should flu vaccinations be mandatory to health care workers?

Grace Dai

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Final Case Study

Statistics about flu and vaccines in recent years... The Reasons: Should flu vaccinations be made mandatory for health care workers? In conclusion... YES: · Should flu vaccinations be made mandatory to health care workers?

· Is it ethically justifiable for health care workers to have their freedom of decision to be taken away from them?

· If a worker refuses a vaccine, can this be considered as violating a doctor's ethics?

· Which is the better, more effective way: to have flu vaccinations mandatory, or to create education policies for the workers, and then they can decide for themselves?

· If vaccines were mandatory for health workers, shouldn't it also be mandatory to people working in areas such as nursing homes and daycares too? Mandatory Vaccines ·Flu season, controversies rising ·Flu - an infectious illness that can be fatal and/or trigger other diseases · Flu has no cure, but vaccines and medical drugs can be used to treat and prevent the illness · Flu changes year after year = new vaccines each year · Two main choices: for health care workers to either be vaccinated or wear medical masks Should flu vaccinations be made mandatory for health care workers? · Main reason for this debate is to try and decrease risk of possible illness passed from workers to patients Grace Dai · About 50% of workers vaccinated

· All health care workers = 43% risk reduced for patients

· 20% of workers get the flu themselves
· majority of doctors in Canada consider this unnecessary

· majority of health workers refused to get shots

·Recently, BC nurses step up to fight against mandatory vaccines NO: · Decreases risk of patients catching or dying of flu

· Decreases risk of self and those around catching or dying of flu

· Follows a doctor's ethics of nonmaleficence

· Decreased risk of flu = decreased amount of money used to treat flu
· Violates a worker's autonomy

· Possibility of getting sick and severe side effects from the vaccine itself

· Other alternatives such as masks and herbal remedies can be used

· The amount of vaccines needed can be expensive Ethical Questions The majority of the audience believes that...

I believe this is more/less ethical because...
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