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Endangered Australian Birds

No description

rhianna m

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Endangered Australian Birds

Can you help?
Yellow Chat, Dawson
The only known breeding location of the Herald Petrel is at Raine Island. The Silver Gull and other introduced predators are a threat to the eggs because they can eat them. The introduced predators are foxes, cats, rats and gulls. Human activity is another reason for this bird being endangered.
Herald Petrel
The Round Island Petrel was listed as threatened under the Commonwealth law in 1999. It has only been seen on North Keeling Island. The Round Island Petrel only breeds on Round Island. When people visit the island the petrel think the humans are a threat, flying away and leaving their eggs behind. People are trying to make a plan to save this endangered bird.
Round Island Petrel
The Western Ground parrot has not been located since 2012. There is a worry that this means there is either none left or very few. The Western Ground parrot is difficult to see because it looks like the colour of the leaves. This bird is endangered because people have been cutting down it's habitat.
Western Ground Parrot
Endangered Australian Birds
When the Yellow Chat bird nests, the nest sometimes gets trampled on by cows or wild pigs which can kill the little eggs or birds. The habitat of this endangered bird is in the wetlands. It mainly eats insects, including ants. They go out in small groups to find food.
Some charities that are helping Australian endangered birds and animals are:

- FAME (Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species)
- Australian Wildlife Conservancy
- Animals Australia
- Bird Life Australia

How you can help:
You can help by volunteering or donating money to a bird charity, or zoo.

Sadly, Australia has the worst rate of animal extinction in the world. Nine species of Australian birds have become extinct since white settlement.
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