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Film Analysis for Pirates of the Caribbean

Mr. Fine's class

Sarah McKinney

on 3 May 2012

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Transcript of Film Analysis for Pirates of the Caribbean

Film Analysis for Pirates of the Caribbean By: Sarah McKinney & Brendon Boot Directed by Rob Marshall May, 2012 2012 Starring... Johnny Depp Penélope Cruz Ian McShane & Here's what you need to know to understand this clip Jack Sparrow & the crew were attempting to take over the ship and then Blackbeard shows his first appearance because he hears all the camotion. What to watch for: Watch how Blackbeard enters the scene Focus on the movement while the camera is filming all the ACTION on the ship Focus on the editing in the clip Lighting & sound WATCH THE CLIP :) Film Techniques Type A close up was used of Blackbeard's feet when he was entering the scene Angle There was a low angle of Blackbeard There was also a high angle being used on the rest of the ship crew members Movement A dolly/tracking camera was being used on the ship in the middle of all the action Editing There was a cross cutting scene when Blackbeard was talking to the crew Lighting Very low lighting Sound The music in the background (Non-Diegetic) Critical Interpretation Feminist & Marxist Critiques. The female in this movie is portrayed as weak and unimportant. As shown in the beginning of the movie, Angelica (Penélope Cruz) was trying to recruit crew members for a ship, but nobody would go under HER name because she's just a woman. So she dressed up as Jack Sparrow. Also throughout the movie, Angelica continues to rise to power but her dad and Jack Sparrow steals her thunder. Supporting Details She's trying to "save lives" Doesn't want violence In the clip, Blackbeard is shown to have a lot of power in different ways. He has control over everybody else and all he does is sit around and do nothing. This is showing everything that's wrong with Capitalism because he's evil and while everybody else is working below him, he's sitting in his room relaxing. Supporting Details He's on a higher level Better clothing
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