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Cake Pop Crush

No description

Manar Alloh

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Cake Pop Crush

Cake Pop Crush
Alicia Ramirez
A 12 year old girl who has always loved baking ever since she was a baby. She's connected with Say It With Flour and always tries to help and solve its problems.
Dane McGuire
The coffee shop owner's son and a new kid in Alicia's school. He have a bad attitude, and a great baking skills.
Her mom died when Alicia was young, in honor of her mother they made the bakery (Say It With Flour). Alicia loved baking. They had a lot of people coming in and out of her bakery. One day a new coffee shop opened across the street. It was Alicia’s nightmare. The owner’s son went to the same school as Alicia. She thought he was so perfect. Since the first day the coffee shop opened, they gave out a lot of coupons. Alicia thought that she needed new ideas, she would be able to bring in new customers. She invented cake pops and Dane took away Alicia’s ideas. They made a competition and the winner is Alicia!!
Decisions can be hard, but in this book Alicia proves it's not impossible to accomplish a big task, even what her dad struggled with in the past.
This story is about working hard, never give up, the importance of the friends, and caring about the others.
The problem was that there was a coffee shop opened across the street, and the bakery starts to lose its money because no one goes there anymore. But Alicia never gave up and tried so hard to get the people back, and she did it!!
Evaluation of the Book!
By: Suzanne Nelson
Alicia's best friend who's very honest with her and supports her in winning cake off. She always tries to find cool and new recipes for Alicia's cake pops.
It's actually a nice and interesting book. I like every thing accept when the new coffee shop opened across the street!
never give up no matter what!
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