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how do you use math in dance

A math presentation on how math is used in dance.

alexis averett

on 10 January 2011

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Transcript of how do you use math in dance

How Do You Use Math In Dance? Similarities
There are a lot of similaraties in every dance
They all use angles, geometric shapes, line segments, diamonds, parallels, right angles, etc. Hip-Hop In hip hop you count out the beats.
In hip hop you really use angles and geometric shapes.
In hip hop you use math to help synchronize the dancers in each of their moves. Ballet uses many types of math. It uses physics in many things. You see people do lifts in dance all the time. In order to do that they have to "calculate" the amount of power they have to use to lift that person into the air without straining a muscle. In most types of dance they use physics in turns. A dancer needs to know how much power they have to use to make the full turn without over or under turning. You use math for measurments for costumes and shoes. For tap dancing the metal plate on the bottom of your shoe has to be screwed on at a certain angle in order to make the right sound. People say mathmetics is a study of patterns. If so then choreography can be mathmatics.
1. Dance displays pattern symmetry such as reflection, rotation, translation, and glide.
2. In all types of dance you make geometric shapes with your body, such as triangles, 2 triangle or a square, circles, etc. In tap dancing you make various move to make different sounds with the metal plates on the bottom of your shoe. The dancer makes different angles with his/her foot in order to make these sounds!!! By: Alexis Averett, McQuelle Peterson, Kyllie Clark, and Tyler Kiel There are three elements of dance. They are space, time, and energy. Math is very important in a dancers life. They use math to count out the beats. It creates a rythm for the dance.
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