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Lacks' Family Tree

No description

Sara Ann & Joshua Irine

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Lacks' Family Tree

Henrietta's husband and cousin
David "Day" Lacks
Henrietta and Day's fourth child
Deborah Lacks
Henrietta and Day's third child
David Jr. "Sonny" Lacks
Henrietta's second born and eldest daughter. She was institutionalized due to epilepsy and died at age 15
Elsie Lacks
Lacks' Family Tree
Henrietta herself!
Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta's mother. She died when Henrietta was four.
Eliza Lacks Pleasant
Gladys Lacks
Henrietta's sister, who wanted Day.
Johnny Pleasant
Henrietta's father. He left after their mother died.
Lawrence Lacks
Henrietta's and Day's first born child
Raised Henrietta and Day
Tommy Lacks
Born Joe Lacks. Henrietta and Day's fifth child
Zakariyya Bari Abdul Rahnman
Alfred "Cheetah" Lacks
Deborah's first husband. The marriage was abusive and ended in divorce.
Bobette Lacks
Lawrence's wife. she helped raise Lawrence's siblings after Henrietta's death, and advocate for them when she discovered they were being abused.
Cliff Garret
Henrietta's cousin. As children, they worked the fields together.
"Crazy Joe" Grinnan
Henrietta's cousin who fought for her attention with Day
Fred Garret
Henrietta's cousin who convinced them to move to Turner Station
Henrietta's cousin. He moved in with Day to help take care of the children.
He abused Deborah.
Dr. George Gey
Head of tissue growth at Johns Hopkins research.
Developed techniques used to grow HeLa.
Courtney "Mama" Speed
My personal favorite..
she organized an effort to build a Henrietta Lacks museum.
Thank You!
By: Joshua Mendoza
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