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Wild Berry Blue

No description

Morning-staar Dukes

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Wild Berry Blue

- this represented the girl and how she had missing pieces/things in her life.
Cherry Cough drop
- this represented the wild berry blue candy she loved to eat as a child
- this represented her "failed" attempts to find somebody to love her.
- this represented a place of comfort that she liked to go to when she was neglected or sad.

Quote from Flavbert
"And human speech is but a cracked kettle upon which we tap crude rythms for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that-" (Page 131RG)

The author quotes Gustave Flavbert to show how the girl is yurning for attention that she's not getting from her parents. So she looks to get this attention from others, such as men.
Quote from Gilman

The Future is Now !
Magazine publications

Harper's Magazine:
Once an Empire
The New Yorker:
The Region of Unlikeness
The New York Times:
My Mother, Myself

Wild Berry Blue
This is a short story about a women looking back upon her childhood. She talks about how she fell in "love" with a cashier at the local McDonalds.
Rivaka Galchen
: Toronto, Canada
: April 19, 1976
Most Recognized for her novel
Atmospheric Disturbances
Which was awarded the
William Saroyan International Prize for Writing.

Wild Berry Blue
By: Rivka Galchen

"I got detention for not turning in my book report of
The Yellow Wallpaper
."(Page 134 CPG).

The author includes this book in the story because the narrator
The Yellow Wallpaper
acts just like the narrator in this story. They both have relationship issues and they both have quirky personalities.
Other Work
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