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Copy of SMART Goals Assignment 2013 /gym qndfbsdkhkjdgfsklsssss

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Angela Le

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SMART Goals Assignment 2013 /gym qndfbsdkhkjdgfsklsssss

By: Angela Le SMART Goals Assignment SMART Goal # 1:
To increase my amount of laps in the 12 minute run. At the very start of the semester, when I did the 12 minute run for the first time, I ran 21 complete laps in total. This is a good amount, but I want to increase my amount of laps. To be realistic, I would want to get up to 25-26 laps by the end of the semester. The more I do the 12 minute run, the more I will practice it and get used to it so that I can improve. I can learn how to pace myself, so that I'll have an equal and consistent pace so that I can run further. I can find a pace that is suitable for my energy to run further. (For example, I can run half a lap and walk the other half, to be equal and consistent in terms of speed so that I won't be too tired). SMART Goal #2:
To get a higher amount in the beep test In a group of 3, together we all did about 100 counts from one end of the gym to the other. Since I did it in a group, I got more breaks from running than actual running. So, if I did it by myself, the amount would be lower because I would've had to continuously run. SMART Goal #3:
To increase the amount of push-ups I do. At the start of the semester, I was only able to do about 6/7 push-ups. However, they were NOT proper. After doing 1 push-up, I would collapse to the ground and I would go onto the next push-up. Also, my shoulders barely touched my partner's top fist/hand. Since I've never tried the beep test on my own before, my goal is to go to a maximum of 50 counts from one end of the gym to the other. It will be harder because I'd get no breaks. But I don't get tired too easily, so it won't be an extreme challenge for me. At home, I can practice the beep test on my own, (I can download it and do it outside) so that I can try to achieve a higher amount each time I run it. My Smart goal is to be able to do 9-10 proper regular push-ups by the end of the semester. Life Skilled Focused: To always remain active. Staying active is a key healthy way of living. The more active that I am now, the more it will benefit me when I get older. Being active is always healthy for anyone at any age, so if i'm consistently active as a teen, which is the most hands-down time in our lives to get time to do a lot of physical activity, I will continue to stay active as an adult so that I can prevent bad living conditions that can harshly affect me as I grow older. As for now, I will take Phys. Ed all four years of highschool, because for me, Phys. Ed class is the easiest, fun and most efficient way to be active right now as a teen, and to get in the habit of excercising so that it's not too stressful later on. Benefits To Success If I succeed with my goals, I will have a better, healthier life ahead of me. Barriers to success I will prevent myself from having a high chance of getting any sicknesses/living conditions/diseases such as heart disease/ high blood pressure, osteoporosis (especially when I'm an elder) cholesteral, stroke, diabetes, cancer etc. because people who are more active have a low chance of getting these living conditions. I will remain strong and healthy, which means I'll be happier as I grow older. It will improve my chances that I will live longer and healthier. For me, I have lots of mood swings and a bit of anxiety, so Physical Activity is a great way to relieve symptons, and to change my mood to make sure that I'm in a good mood :) It's a good way to increase my energy/fitness level As for now, having Phys Ed class in school, I will also take time outside of school to do extra Physical Activity.
I will start taking walks around my neighborhood on the weekends, and a lot during the summer.
I will sign up for a gym membership, so that I can work out at the gym where there's more choices of equipment and I can go whenever I wantto. I can also set a good pace for myself so that I'll run more. I'll have to pace myself differently from the 12 minute run because for the 12 minute run, it's a free-for-all, and there aren't any time limits. But the beep test has time limits. So I can figure out a strategy, such as to go slow at first, so that I'll know how fast to exactly run so that I can reach the end just around the time it beeps, and I can learn to pace myself for each count aswell. I don't consider myself as someone completely physically fit, I don't do any physical activity outside of school/gym class so it will be a challenge for me to get into the habit of doing physical activity everyday, and to set goals for things I've never done in my life (ex. The 12 minute run) I am also very lazy. Laziness will affect me if I try to do any physical activity when I'm not required to do it during Phys Ed class. I love to run, but I am not very strong when it comes to muscular endurance. I believe that I can succeed better with my first two, running related goals. However, for my push-ups goal, it will be a big challenge for me because I need to also build my muscular endurance so that I can succeed with that goal. To achieve this goal, I will need to build my muscular endurance in my arms, along my legs, and on my upper and lower body. My arms are the most important because since I have weak arms, I'm not able to do good push-ups. My arms are the main issue. So, to be able to build up my arm muscular endurance, I can try to start lifting weights, to build up muscular strength. For my legs, I can gain muscular strength from the fitness runs that we do, and for my upper and lower body, I can gain muscular strength from the fitness testings such as the wall sit, etc. And those are my SMART Goals for this semester of Phys Ed. 3 Fitness related & 1 long skilled focused + The Benefits & Barriers to success. I'll really try hard to be able to achieve these goals by the end of the semester! :)
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